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    OK, OK, OK. X Windowing on Mac OS X

    I've never heard of it. Like I said, XFree86 is the only one I know of, and it worked the way XFree86 is supposed to work. I installed it because I wanted to use GIMP. Then I bought photoshop :P
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    OK, OK, OK. X Windowing on Mac OS X

    The Only windowing system (aside from what's built in) that I'm aware of for OS X is XFree86. There are lots of ways to install it, but the simplest is probably to use fink. There's lots of info there to make it work, and it will download and install the...
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    random small os x gripe

    What are you guys talking about? The shift key behaves the same way it always did. Select icon in top-right of window, hold down shift, select icon in bottom left of window .. you only have 2 icons selected, at least, as far as I can tell. Perhaps you are talking about the list & column...
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    Beige G3/266 MiniTower, No Problems

    I have X installed on a Beige G3/266 MiniTower, and have had zero OS problems with it. I think the widgets are a bit much, but that's ok -- I wanted to overclock to 350 anyway. I really want a different web browser though. I didn't like IE5 in OS 9, I don't like it in OS X. Also, it's got...
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    Minimize All Windows

    This has probably been discovered, but Option-Clicking a minimize button will minimize all windows in the front application, instead of just one (just like Option-close in the old finder would close all windows). And, Option-Shift-Click on minimize will do it nice & slow :-) -- ferris...