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    [HOW TO] rip DVD's to iPod

    Right, we did a few tests and it turned out the problem with the video file was that it was too big size-wise. The actual window it played in was too big to be put on the iPod screen. So I used QuickTime Pro, converted it into the iPod specific format (.m4a, I think) and it works like a charm.
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    [HOW TO] rip DVD's to iPod

    I'll check tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed...
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    [HOW TO] rip DVD's to iPod

    I suspect it might be iTunes 6.0, but I'm not sure (it's on my other computer and I don't have access to it). Think maybe an update would fix it?
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    [HOW TO] rip DVD's to iPod

    I ripped two DVDs with Handbrake, it seemed to work fine (played fine on my mac, good quality). The first one I was able to put on my 5th Gen iPod and play quite happily. The second one, however, doesn't let me put it on the iPod at all. It says, "Some of the videos in your iTunes library...
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    .bik files?

    A friend of mine sent me a few video files to use with an iMovie video I'm making. Unfortunately, I can't figure out what I'm supposed to open the damn things in. I've tried QuickTime, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, all with the same result of "File type not recognised". Where to I get...
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    Command & Conquer

    I've been getting somewhat nostalgic recently, and decided I would try and play the original Command & Conquer on my Mac. The only snag is that I can't get it to run in OS X. Does anyone know if there's a OS X update kicking around somewhere?
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    Republic question

    I was thinking about getting Republic: The Revolution for my dual 1.8 GHz G5, with a 128MB graphics card. This is above the minimum specs, but I'd heard some rumours that it runs really badly on computers above the recommended specs. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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    Buying Mac Games

    Personally, I'd go for MacGold. They usually have some really good prices, along with free first class delivery to the UK. And they've never given me any hassle in the years that I've been using them.
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    Xmas gifts to the chronically tardy

    How about a brick? I give my wife one every year. I have no idea how this relates to your problem at all, but my wife has never been late since I started giving her bricks for her birthdays and christmases. Just a thought.
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    Your favorite books...

    I'd have to say Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton. It's probably the best (And most disturbing) book I've ever read. Although Nineteen Eighty-four was amazing.
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    Releasedate for Doom 3 announced

    Bear in mind that this is id we're talking about here, folks. Normally, you can run their games on machines slower than the recommended specs after an update or two. I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to update it to support 64-bit and dual processors. Then it would fly....
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    Doom III

    w00tage, pwnage and so on.
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    Dell are sharks!!!

    It's after buying off people like Dell (With their "record holding after-sale satisfaction records"...) that you realise how good Apple are at such things.
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    Halo 2

    Mmm.. I think I'll stick with my PS2 for that. Killzone is sweet...
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    List of Macs You Have Owned

    Let's see... first Mac I ever owned... Performa 600. Damn, I loved that little computer. Playing Marathon on it all day long... One of the old "Pizza boxes". Can't remember which one. An SE-30, such a gem. A PowerMac 7500 (Probably the best computer I ever bought. So upradeable... first...