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    Software Update, not loading preference

    Hi Dickster, thanks for your reply. did the .plist delete trick before posting but no cure furthermore with the gone dead as well I think an archive and install should set things straight. Regards
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    Software Update, not loading preference

    Hi On Macbook 2nd gen with 10.4.11 when trying to use both software update or installer app they do not work. Through sys pref getting the message : could not load software update preference pane. If I try to start installer app : icon bounce in dock for a few seconds then disappear ...
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    Apple TV--turning it off?

    Just installed one last week and yes no power button supposed to be on all the time so to sync automatically to iTunes. AFAIK unplugging it is the only way to turn it off wort case scenario it might reset it. hope it helps
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    Got a new 30GB iPod Video

    If there's a problem could well be that it's going to be outdated soon ;-)
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    How do i fix my blown mac

    you could check here : and here hopefully you might find an answer. good luck
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    Where are you going in the summer?

    South East Asia missing in the poll, will be going to BKK and Koh Samui after summer though
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    Yahoo! OUTRAGE!!!

    Using adium too here and discovered not so long ago that skype allows macuser to video chat with pc users give it a try ..
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Breakdown The Alan Parsons Project a good oldie :-)
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    or :confused:
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    Post your desktop!

    Great wallpaper Amie I love it would you mind telling me where u got it ? Cheers
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    Omega Watches?

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    Fav "old" apple computers

    LoL, Somehow that dream came true 4 me with my iMac G5 spitting cd's after say importing a cd on iTunes, I do my best to catch them on the fly ;0)