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    Volunteer sought for OSX/Networking page

    Anyone else want to hop on board?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    we are one step closer to ^^"BEYOND!!!!!". 10.1 is out. Some quick notes: LDAP client services are now supported in the DIrectory services app in /Applications/Utilities NetInfo has been given a slight upgrade (1.0-1.2) Samba is now operational and built-in. Slight security...
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    Volunteer sought for OSX/Networking page

    I am the person who basically started this section in I also wrote the welcome memo. I have a SMALL project underway to provide a webpage that reports the current state of OSX networking. The focus will be on source,MacOX, and darwin projects that are out...
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    VPN client Checkpoint compatible?

    All i know, by rumor, is that Apple is working, or has already implemented some VPN stuff. IE: point to point tunneling protocol, pptp
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    Can a NetInfo Domain be setup w/o OSX Server???

    I am not asking about domain names!! I am asking about using NetInfo for serving USER data amongst MAC OSX machines!!! This has nothing to do with the internet. It happens...that the terminology that apple uses to define a NetInfo server is a "domain". Refer to original question. Read...
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    Can a NetInfo Domain be setup w/o OSX Server???

    I am looking for assitance with creating a properly working NetInfo domain. I already have one machine getting its info from my UNIX NIS server. I want to play with NetInfo and get it to share that data to the other macs...Yes I could do it the same as the first, BUT I WANT TO USE NETINFO!!!!
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    Can a NetInfo Domain be setup w/o OSX Server???

    I read Apple's "UnderstandingUsingNetInfo.pdf" available from it's knowledge base. The guide talks about setting up a netinfo domain with an OSX server. It talks about something called "NetInfo Domain Setup", an application built into OSX server. OSX client has NetInfo Utility and it seems...
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    Open a port in OSX

    In there you would go to the file /etc/services and look in there. Don't have time now, keep here for a posting of a webpage related to this forum.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is not a forum to learn Unix. There are two others on this site for that. This is a specialized forum to discuss networking brought over from unix that has now been integrating into Mac OSX. Some examples of software/protocols/standards that have been ported are: SSH (secure...
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    New Domain Needed

    How about putting up a new domain for OSX/unix networking, or at least create another section..... There are loads of issues that come up WRT implementing and troubleshooting netinfo,nis,nfs....... Since apple has left the options open, we need a forum to find solutions on our own...
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    VIM Issues + GENERAL remarks

    Installed ncurses and VIM using MAC OSX pkg's from vim wont start up b/c: dyld: vim can't open library: /usr/local/lib/libdl.dylib (No such file or directory, errno = 2) and ls-l yields: [localhost:/usr/local/lib] macroot% ls libcurses.dylib...
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    How To Prevent Booting Off A Cd

    First, this is going into a University Computer Science lab. People here have the skill of professional hackers..... What is OF?? OSX running now.... any sys admins?? do OSX sys admins exist yet besides me?? The guys at genentech ( are.... but who else?
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    How To Prevent Booting Off A Cd

    Just getting things to the top of the list....this issue NEEDS!!! attemtion!!
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    How do I mount a Solaris volume on my Mac OS X desktop?

    netinfo is apple's adaptation of the "technology" that NeXT worked on for years. It is 100% supported in OSX. It is responsible for controlling some of the main unix protocols: NFS, NIS.... there is a document and I quote; "UnderstandingUsingNetInfo.pdf" go to and...