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    Xdarwin and 10.2.3

    I have had trouble in the past getting shm compiled into X. At least I think I have given that when I run enlightenment it complains about a lack of SHM support. Is there a way to check for SHM support via the command line or some such tool? Thanks, Harrison
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    configd fails to start

    Yup, Did the reinstall and the problem reoccured about 3 days later. Despite having done a cursory hardware test, a trip to the apple store confirmed that the problem was a faulty hard drive. Harrison
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    configd fails to start

    Man is this little ibook hosed! The first sign of a problem was the lack of airport and battery icons in the menu bar. Then I noticed that any changes that I make in SystemPreferences / Network fail to be updated. I think I have tracked it down to the fact that configd is not being started /...
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    Removing SMTP servers in

    Hey folks, has the nifty ability to add and select from multiple outgoing mail servers from within Mail preferences. The question is how to remove a server from the list of outgoing SMTP servers once it has been added. Does anyone know how to do this? Harrison
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    Can I use my tiBook as a telephone?

    Hey folks, Any body know if it is possible to use a tiBook as a telephone? Anybody all ready done this? I don't want voice over ip or mass dial capabilities. I just want to be able plug a line into my modem and place normal voice telephone calls. Thanks for the info :-)
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    classic question

    I have a powerbook G4 running a clean install of 10.2.1 without classic installed. If possible I would like to install classic onto this computer without having to reinstall jaguar. I have tried copying the System Folder from the os 9.2 install disk to my harddrive. Once this was done I was...
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    Automatic sftp/ssh

    Unless you must use sftp you might want to give scp a try. Assumeing that you have your ssh-keys set up so that logging on to your remote box doesn't require a password the following command should work as a cron entry. "scp remoteUserName@remoteHostName:/path/to/file /path/to/local/file"...
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    airport on yikes ??

    Hello, Anybody know how to add airport functionality to a powermac g4 400 (yikes)? As it stands I have the yikes wired to the base station which leaves me about 5ft short on the range needed to connect to the computer furthest from the base station. I can't move the computers, and I can't...
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    MIT-SHM question

    I think I might be about to give in :-( 5th compile in 3 days and still no SHM in enlightenment. Couldn't get "fink apropos xfree" to give me the wanted output, so after cleaning out all references to anything other than xfree86-4..2.0-12 I tried to reinstall X with fink. First tried "fink...
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    MIT-SHM question

    Ok so fink apropos xfree gives the following: system-xfee86 4.2-1 xfree86-base xfree86-base-threaded xfree86-rootless xfree86-rootless-threaded (I think, can't see ??) I then removed all references to anything other than 4.2.0-12 in...
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    [HOWTO] - Speed up DNS lookups in OSX

    Everything is working well, but I can't get Named to start at boot. Once I start I can launch a terminal and run /Library/StartupItems/Named/Named and it is fine. Added some debug stuff into Named/Named and it seems as though the script never gets executed. Any thoughts on why this might be...
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    MIT-SHM question

    Yeah compile takes a while. About 6hrs on my PowerBook 550. Thanks for starting a compile, I look forward to hearing about your mileage.
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    MIT-SHM question

    OK, didn't do it so I decided to try it with fink. Changed fink.conf to point at unstable/main and unstable/crypto, got rid of all the old X packages and rebuilt the whole thing. I obviously did something wrong cause now I am back to and no SHM in sight. I would greatly...
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    MIT-SHM question

    Hmmn... I checked out from cvs and 6 hours later my build is finished. Looks like I am now running Xfree86_4.2.99.1. Sadly I still have no SHM under enlightenment. Any ideas how I can check to see if SHM is otherwise enabled, or what I missed during my build? I followed the cvs checkout...