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    Desktop pictures places

    All kinds here, some really great stuff. Look under "wallpaper" on the left.
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    Chimera 0.2.7!

    I seem to get a lot of spinning pizza, and also seems slow to open new tabs and switch between them. Does everyone else experience this. It seems actually worse than some of the earlier releases. It might be that I have quartz turned on. I'll try it for a while with it off, but I really...
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    Chimera 0.2.7!

    Looking good, but maaaan, I really want to be able to edit my bookmarks! Please soon! Anyone close with the project have any idea when this will be in?
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    The BIG OS 10.2 thread...

    Try this.. 1) Drag your apps folder or whatever folder into your dock. 2) click ONCE and HOLD on that folder in the dock. 3) a pop-up list of the folder contents should show. 4) move the mouse to the app you want to start, and release. NOTES: a) if you simply click (and release) on the...
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    ChimChim, competition for Chimera!

    That's exactly what I meant... Sorry if that was unclear.
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    ChimChim, competition for Chimera!

    Well, Omniweb, undoubtedly does help Mozilla (then in your eyes AOL) If they are using some code, then they help debug it potentially, surely if omnigroup finds a nasty bug or two in code it uses from mozilla, they would let the mozilla group know. Also, if I may stretch this a little...
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    ChimChim, competition for Chimera!

    But Ed, Chimera does have "proprietary changes", meaning changes that will only be for Chimera. Unless by proprietary you mean, not open source, but then you are condemning open source in general. Besides the all of this, shouldn't we use what software is the best for us? Hell, I'd use MS...
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    ChimChim, competition for Chimera!

    I just wanted to respond to my own message before it got out of hand. Actually Chim Chim and Chimera are the same project. (found out after I posted this) In any case go download chimera now (version .12 binary) It's great. Thanks.
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    ChimChim, competition for Chimera! now has thier own cocoazilla based browser, Called ChimChim!! Excellent. Check it out here: ChimChim
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    Longest Uptime??

    My uptime is at 49 days 9hrs 50 mins with OS X 10.1.2. I am about to lose it to install 10.1.3!! This is on a machine I use daily, and I install and uninstall crap all the time, also develop and use it for daily things such as surfing and email.
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    Chimera browser is available for d/l!

    I am very excited about this browser!
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    Chimera (cocoa mozilla) screenshot

    Bring on this shitake. I use Mozilla as my primary browser. It's excellent. This cocoa wrapper on gecko will just imrpove the experience a lot. I love the sidebar as a drawer! It's a natural!
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    Fastest web browser

    In fact those sites make money when the ads are simply displayed, just not as much as if there was a click thru. But also, this is not a random association. You talk specifically about helping the little guy, meanwhile you leach off the little guy in your own way, by stripping them of what is...
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    Fastest web browser

    Way to talk out of both sinds of your mouth. one side: "Support the little guy don't use mozilla!!"[becasue of some personal opinion on the connection between totally open source user built mozilla and the large company AOL], the other side: "I love blocking ads..." [on those little sites where...
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    has anyone tried to "Publish to web" in Corel Draw 10?

    If I try to do a publish to web in corel draw 10 (corel graphics suite) everything looks cool, except that every html page created is the same! each html output page is the current page. I can't figure it out. Anyone had better luck? Give it a shot. Make a couple pages, then write them...