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    X Cd problems!

    Well, this isn't THAT big of a deal since I've got X working on my ibook. But the original install cd that apple send me wasn't readable by my ibook. it could read the data but it couldn't boot up with the cd and it made some really weird and loud noises. No other cd done this. So I had only one...
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    Success on Ibook!

    All I have to say is "Wow"! I'm not sure what the problem is with people saying that the genie effect and such is slow because on mine its not and I'm on an ibook! Setup was smooth took maybe 10 minutes. Everything flies. Classic I agree is a little slow but most apps are usable. Games are...
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    Installed MOSXPB on iBook, G4, G3 beige

    So how was the speed on the ibook? Classic run ok? Thanks.
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    OS X on Ibook

    Aragorn: how much ram do you have and have you tried Classic yet? If so let me know how it performs. My copy should be here anytime but you know how UPS can be. ;-) Thanks!
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    Runs as a breeze on iBook Tangerine

    I'm glad to hear that. Makes me a happy camper. :) I have a blueberry Ibook with 128mb ram. Good to know its going to run ok on mine. and its fast on yours? no slow downs and how does classic behave? Thanks!
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    Startup Disk Problem

    This is just what I've heard but rumor has it that holding down the option key at startup won't let you choose which OS to boot into. I can't say how true this is because I don't have my copy of OS X yet (ahhheemmmmm... Apple?) but I know that the startup disk option should work. You download...
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    I think the final release of X will be delayed...

    Ok. This is just my opinion. I've not read this anywhere. I think that OS X won't be available til' late 2001. Why would Apple go ahead and start working on OS 9.1 when the revolutionary (which it really is) OS X has a release date in the first part of 2001? I do hope I'm wrong but thats just my...
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    OS X on Ibook

    Well, I'm a happy camper! :) Hehehe,if you don't care let me know when you run classic and tell me how it works. Especially if you run something like Unreal Tournament and such. Thanks! ;-)
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    OS X on Ibook

    Anyone who has OS X running an a 300mhz G3 Ibook with 128mb of ram let me know who it performs. I'm sure its ok but was just curious. Thanks! :)