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    Do you still use your phone while out with friends?

    I always have it with me. I don't usually call or text when I'm out with someone, but with the family, everyone has their phones out so why not? I enjoy conversation with people around me much more than what I would on a phone. Unless it's a super interesting article that I was reading....
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    do you use your iphone/ipad on the toilet?

    When you don't have a magazine around, you gotta read something!
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    Are you upgrading to Mountain Lion?

    I would if any of my computers supported it... Kinda blows. I don't feel like coughing up $1000-$2000 for some new features. You should add a "Apple won't let me upgrade :(" option to the poll.
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    Aperture, why soooo slow??

    Would you happen to be running Mac OS X Lion? I found that Aperture started sucking when I installed Lion on my Core 2 Duo because it really pushed the CPU to the limit, but it ran relatively fast with Snow Leopard.
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    Microsoft posts first quarterly loss in company history Thoughts, rants, etc?
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    Apple Peripheral-8 Cable

    Well I suppose if you can't find a cable with a Male DB9. You could always try a gender changer.
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    Apple Peripheral-8 Cable

    Good luck finding an original cable. Cable to Go has been pretty reliable for me: You can compare prices here...
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    My workspaces....

    Here's the media center set up. The photos are lower quality because they're taken from my 3GS. Which is as you probably know, doesn't take the best pictures in the world.
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    My workspaces....

    Yep it's a G3, funny because they call it a minitower... I managed to actually put 10.2.8 since it already had a 375 MHz processor, so I put 512MB RAM, a 60 GB hard drive as well as a USB PCI card so even for it's age it works nicely. However, I use it mostly to play old classic games on 9.2.2.
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    My workspaces....

    Just about impossible to keep this place clean. (Click to enlarge)
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    Who's the oldest

    I turn 20 in April... I've got some catching up to do!
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    Need help with an old Clamshell iBook!

    Can't you boot up the laptop to the current system and get more information about the computer? By nothing that comes up on the screen, does that mean there is no floppy disk icon that shows up or even a grey screen? If theres a iBook came with Mac OS 9.0.4, can run up to 10.4.11. I'm not sure...
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    Does anyone use the Mac App Store?

    I've never really used it, except for the times when I'm extremely bored and need some free game to play. I must admit, I still prefer to always have a hard copy of a program I pay for. Basically, I could care less about the App Store.
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    Am I mistaken?

    Yah, but it makes me feel better.