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    Colour iPod (merged thread)

    Hehe.. they have tangarine, blueberry, grape... j5
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    Testing 10.2 on a PowerBook Wallstreet

    Hey all - This has been driving me insane! I have a powerbook g3 series wallstreet (the infamous 233!) which I've upgraded as much as possible, outside of the big ram upgrade. Anyway, the ethernet has been toasted forever now. I have a farallon cardbus 10/100 ethernet card that works under os9...
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    cpu preference pane -pb 667 g4-level3 cache?

    Ahh... figured it out with a little help from: Seems my energy saver settings were wacked, I had "reduce performance" selected for the cpu, even when using the power adapter. argh!! J5
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    cpu preference pane -pb 667 g4-level3 cache?

    Mine was at the very bottom:
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    cpu preference pane -pb 667 g4-level3 cache?

    Hey all - Just went into my preferences and noticed a new pane called "CPU". No idea how long it's been there, but being a speed freak, I decided to check it out. I opened it up, and noticed that level3 cache was set to none. I check my profiler, which states that I have 1mb of level3 cache, so...
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    800 Tibook Fan almost always on using 10.2

    Hey, I just bought a tibook 667. My fan is on alot as well. What version is the firmware you're using now, and where did you find it? Thanks in advance! j5
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    QE Performance - the true picture!

    Hey - Haha. I agree fully! I just bought a 667 tibook, 32meg video, etc. It only has the 256megs of ram right now (got a gig on it's way!), but I agree that window resizing in ie is still a bit slow. Compared to the pb in my now out-dated sig however, it screams! :) One encouraging outlook...
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    .mac backup?

    Hey - No problem. That's the driving force behind this whole thread! J5
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    .mac backup?

    Hey - What I meant was that I wouldn't be able to burn cd's with out having an account, using backup. I downloaded and installed, but since I'm only a trial user, the only thing I can backup to is my idisk. As far as your comments on it being worth it or not, I'd like to clear the air by...
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    help need on building .mac backup alternative

    Hey David - Looks like it's a great start! I'm downloading it now... I'll post again once I've checked it out. Some of the features I'm looking for are: 1. backup only files that are new or changed since the last backup 2. backup locations of files, so a restore is easy. 3. Be able to...
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    .mac backup?

    Ghoser - This is the sort of info I'm looking for! Nah.. our app will be telepathically force-uploaded into the user's brain. ;) (but will only run in classic!) You mention that non .mac users should be able to use it... that's exactly my argument! --- I just downloaded it. I haven't...
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    .mac backup?

    Hehe -- Devonferns - that's exactly my point. That and I still don't see it being worth $99 per year to me, as this is so far the only feature in .mac that I want. Ghoser - sounds good! Glad to see your still interested! J5
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    .mac backup?

    Ghoser - I'm having trouble seeing where you're misreading my posts. My point is not that .mac is a bad idea. My point is that I probably won't use it. I'm not as excited about the "digital hub" as Apple's target market of consumers and new internet users. My machines typically see 80% work...
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    Will Apple & Jaguar ever support our "older" macs?

    TinkerTool is nice. But it seems like Jaguar doesn't honor the settings as far as anti-aliased text is concerned. I turned aa text off, but it was still blurry. I had to muck with a plist file to get what I wanted, but mail still has the aa text. NoZoom just gets rid of the finder window zooming...
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    .mac backup?

    To be honest.. I don't want a .mac account. I'm not a student either. My complaint is that something like "backup" should have been a part of Jaguar. The ability to backup to an idisk would be a feature of .mac. The money isn't the issue, it's the fact that you never finish paying for it (vs...