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    Quake 3 Team Arena on X?

    The other advantage of the cfg files going in ~/Library is that each user gets their own settings, own customized controls, etc
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    Adding to /System/Library/StartupItems

    You should be adding your startup directories to /Library/StartupItems, not /System/Library/StartupItems Apple reserves /System for it's own use - if you add things to /System/Library/StartupItems, it's entirely possible that a future system update will step all over your startup entry. If...
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    OXS, Apache and ROOT password

    You don't need to be root. Just turn on web sharing in the Sharing pane of System Preferences and reboot. And when you need root for something at the command line, if you're logged in with administrative privileges you can just type "sudo command" - the password it asks for is your password...
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    X as nfs-server

    I'd very much like to hear more details, Henry. I have a question though - Say I set up a 2 level netinfo network as you described in your post, but I have a laptop as well. How do I configure netinfo so that I can log in to the laptop when I'm away, and still be able to log in the the lan...
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    HOWTO use rcp ?

    Don't bother using rcp. Go to versiontracker and download & install the OpenSSH package, then use scp instead. Turning on rsh/rcp/rlogin will make your machine insecure and is an extremely bad idea, especially if you're on cablemodem or DSL. jpb
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    Eudora beta, does it work?

    MT-NewsWatcher has scoring filters. Without them, I can't be bothered to read usenet.
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    CPU Monitor stops working in Dock

    I have had that happen on both my G4/533 & G3/350, and both are set to never sleep, so the bug isn't sleep related. The only fix I've found is to open the prefs and switch to standard and then expanded again. jpb
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    How to make AirPort work!

    I have an installer for OSX PB that activates the AirPort. It's been confirmed to work by people with iBooks & G3 PowerBooks. You have to configure the base station using OS9, unfortunately. jpb