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    Debug Menu in Disk Utility

    Hello Could anyone help me to enable de DUDebugMenu in DiskUtility in Property list Editor. I'm new with his stuff. I have PLE but don't know were to start. Thank you
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    OSX10.5 dvd and OS9 drivers?

    Hello. Does OSX10.5 dvd come with OS9 drivers? Tried erasing the drive with diskutility and OS9 drivers checkbox is not there? Does this mean that my disk is partitionned or is it ok? Tried repartitions, merged partitions, 1 partition... still won't show the drivers option. thank you
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    hidden disks?

    hello, I was erasing my drive and found under - diskutil list - in Terminal, that I had 4 other disks that I was not aware of. When I go back in disk utility, I have only 1 - 55.9GB ATA disk 1 - mounted volume (disk)- that is not partitionned (I don't have access to partition...