OSX10.5 dvd and OS9 drivers?



Does OSX10.5 dvd come with OS9 drivers?
Tried erasing the drive with diskutility and OS9 drivers checkbox is not there?
Does this mean that my disk is partitionned or is it ok?
Tried repartitions, merged partitions, 1 partition... still won't show the drivers option.

thank you


If you still have OS 9 installed on your hard drive, and you can boot from OS 9, then the drivers are there.
I don't know about the Leopard install DVD, but Disk Utility shows the capability to provide the OS 9 drivers when erasing the hard drive, and info on a hard drive in Disk Utility will show that OS 9 drivers are present.
Seems like there's a little balance here. As you know, Leopard does not support the Classic environment, and OS 9 is moving further back in history. So, it seems logical that OS 9 drivers would now be less available (deprecated would be the descriptive term, it seems)