hidden disks?



I was erasing my drive and found under - diskutil list - in Terminal,
that I had 4 other disks that I was not aware of.

When I go back in disk utility, I have only
1 - 55.9GB ATA disk
1 - mounted volume (disk)- that is not partitionned (I don't have access to partition controls)

But when I get info of the disk, partition number is 3??

I have erased 3 times the disk - OS extended with 7 pass erase
And the 4 other disks still show in Terminal

Tried diskutil mergePartitions but won't work - these are no partitions but seperate disks...

I would like to restore my disk, remoove all these other disks (partitions?)

*Mac OS9 drivers option is not available when I try erasing the entire disk...

Need help

thank you


U.S.D.A. Prime
Instead of erasing and formatting, try repartitioning. Select the actual device in the left-hand sidebar (it's the left-most non-indented listing for your hard drive), then click the "Partition" tab. Select how many partitions you want, then format away.

Repartitioning wipes out ALL partitions on the disk, so those "phantom" partitions will disappear.