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    iBook modem problems

    Same iBook, same problem... I don't know why but it seems to do it less often recently... I noticed it is more prone to do it when you try to connect right after you log in your session. Is Apple aware of that problem ?
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    iBooks Hardware great, but defects in case!

    My iBook has quite the same problem, but it is limited to the region on the battery. The saddest thing in my case is that these marks appeared after I went to my local Mac dealer to ask them to repair a completely different problem. My initial problem was that when I opened my iBook, the cover...
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    MS Office 10 Beta5

    My version of Excel started to refuse to open yesterday, saying it was expired. Did you experienced the same ? I think it was version 10 beta 5.
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    What can I do with sendmail?

    I use sendmail for every message that I send (with the option in Mail preferences), but sometime I should get an error because my messages are not sent. I don't know how to set these error messages to go directly in my inbox. I don't know why, but I received some of these a few times. But now...
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    Help Needed: Session Security?

    I think you can get what you want by setting the requirement for a password when the screen saver becomes active. That is in Screen Saver System Preferences. I'm not sure if that exactly helps you...
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    AppleWorks 6

    I have big problems running Appleworks 6 on OS X. The interface often never appear like it would be supposed to, and I can't click on any button on a panel if they ever appear... I like AW, but is this all normal ? Could I run in in classic mode rather than OS X since it's carbonized ? Thanks...
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    Moving Applications around

    Yes, a really good argument. I never thought of that. May be one day I'll get used to a MODERN operating system.
  8. L hangs on startup

    Just submit a bug to Apple, I really care about seeing the Mail app work fine!
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    Yet another...

    Please fix this link, I want to see it!
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    Moving Applications around

    System Preferences uses the same if I'm not wrong: if you choose an application to open at startup, it needs to be where it was. That's a strange behaviour. Of course, we don't fell like we can move things around like in a real Mac OS. That's really bad in a way.
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    hotkeys - a hot topic?

    Of course, if the requests are clear, and the amount of people requesting the same thing is large, we have more chances as Mac users to put our goo ideas in the developpement of OS X. Do you know any site of this type of does any one here share the same opinion?
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    File extension hiding prefs

    I truly think Apple NEED to fix file extensions concerns in a good way. Sure we would like to not see them (well, they were not used by Mac OS 9 as a piece of information, but I think they are needed in OS X?) This and types and creators, which is a so powerfull way to manage files, should be...
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    Well, I tought this would be the most beautifull thing in my life: using PDF as the standard format for all kind of files. But TextEdit cannot read and edit text in PDF. So PDF is perfect to be read, but not to write. Can we espect something better one day, like being able to import PDF in...
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    Oh my.... that's FAST!

    Well, I wonder how fast a cable connection is supposed to be. Your 6000kps is off the chart really over T1 and T2. Is cable faster than these???
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    Unable to create a new user

    I reinstalled. Not what we could call "clean install" (i.e. not formatting of the HD) and it gave no result: problems are the same... I can't understand... I'd like to try to create users with NetInfo (it's one of it's functionnalties, right?), but I lack of Unix knowledge, sorry.