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    Cube + MacOS X ? (Is this machine enough?)

    I think that you'd better take it with the radeon card if you plan to play 3d games! Because i'm not sure anybody will make video cards for the cube. bye
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    Alice in wonderland

    if you seach for file named .gif you'll find some alicexx.gif in your macOS X drive wich represents scenes of alice in wonderland. there are a lot of image files and i wonder what they are there.
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    every "bugs" i've found

    My purpose there is to tell you what i've found just to know wheater it is only on my mac or on every macs. Try it on your mac : When the user name is asked for modifying some system preference it is not the name defined for the user but the short name. Then if you want to modify it by...
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    Login locked in Qwerty mode :-(((

    Sorry i meant the only keyboard selected is the french one. Thanks
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    Login locked in Qwerty mode :-(((

    Hi, soory but i may have not well understand. First, i'm always in as root. Then I went in the international part then to keyboard menu.And the only keyboard selected is the english one. What is wrong? Thanks
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    every "bugs" i've found

    yes i know for the trick(i've forgotten to mention it), but it will be confusing for users to see the menu bar disappear. Maybe they could make it appears with one menu where you can close the force quit window. bye
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    every "bugs" i've found

    Hey, i'm not a fool;-), i've sent every things to apple via their feedback pages. But here are new bugs i've found, but the point is does mke the same on your macs? When the user name is asked for modifying some system preference it is not the name defined for the user but the short name...
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    Some Unix Knowledge

    Hi, while we are speaking of unix command line, i was trying to compile a java applet with the command javac which is available but i end up with erros like class graphics not found. Is the java compiler really usable under os X? bye
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    every "bugs" i've found

    After force quitting the menu bar disappear and reappear if you click in it. After restarting if there was a cd in the drive the icon doesn't appear on the desktop(the option is checked in finder prefs). Login window stuck on qwerty mode even if you have chosen french keyboard from the...
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    Login locked in Qwerty mode :-(((

    Hi, french guys it is the same for me. I've tried a lot of things but no way.
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    Screen redraw problems

    If you open a finder window in list mode and you can't see the whole content of the window. if you push alt(option) while the mouse is in the content part of the window but not over an icon or a text you have a hand that allows you to move the content to see the parts hidden. Then you'll...
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    loosing keyboard on wakeup from sleep

    On my ibook there is no such problems. maybe it is linked to the powerbook. The fast sleep wake up mode is really nice
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    OS X freezes on startup (Initializing Network)

    Me too, but after more than ten minutes it was still searching. I just end up reinstalling MacOS X I won't touch this part of system preference anymore ;-)