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    I got Broadband!!!!!!!!!

    I just FINALLY got some broadband at home, Roadrunner (Cable) and I just am so excited about it! Do more people on here have Cable or DSL or Satellite? Just wondering. BTW I have two SWBELL DSL modems to get rid of, they kept sending them to me, and I cant get it!
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    Sorry everyone... we had to change servers on short notice. Everything should be back up and in order. If you have any issues, just post them here. Thanks, MacMatt
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    Dev lists would be a great addition

    Are you talking like eMail discussion lists or message forums? Matt
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    is this site dying?

    What must have feature do you think needs? Matt
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    Chat Software?

    We have access to DigiChat Software via our provider, and wanted to know if folks here think it would be a value added feature, or if they think it will go unused. Matt
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    New Site Design

    Got tired of the old one, figured I'd try something new and improved, hope you all enjoy it. More stuff coming later, just keeping it simple for now. Matt
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    CENTRALAD cookie

    Hmmm... I have had this problem as well, didn't realize what the issue was. I have turned off the cookie options, let me know if you still have this issue. Thanks. Matt
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    Mac OS X, the forum with the ever changing logo !

    Thanks ! We really try to evolve with the times... Ha ha Matt
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    Private Messaging Integration

    We have the ability to integrate a private messaging system into our current site... giving you the ability to send IM messages directly to other people on this site, including having your private messages stored online for you to pick up when you come back to the site. Is this something that...
  10. M Mail Accounts

    I have been thinking about giving out free mail accounts... however I'd like to get your feedback... Should we... 1) Issue out a email alias to everyone, the alias will point to the email address you registered with.... OR 2) Give them out by...
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    Hi All, I am looking at trying to make even more of a helpful and fun place to visit. We have the ongoing contest of recommending someone, after all having more people here will make it more fun. In addition though, some of sent me suggestions of having a forums specific for...
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    This area...

    Can be a non technical area for discussion, just whatever ! Whats on your mind???
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    Everyone should Post Their System Configuration in Their Signiture for Better Support

    I think that is a really good idea, I will see what we can do to reinforce that on here. Thanks for your input!
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    Damon, I think you are going to find a great resourse here at We are getting to be well known and have a really great group of people here on the boards! I had to copy the startup folder option from the OSX CD to my Old OS and it works every time. I also heard on the board here...
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    PPP Connect (LCP Failure)

    After loading on my iMAC, I can't connect to the internet. It dials, waits, and gets a PPP Connect message , LCP Failure. Anyone figure this one out?