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    SnapServer appears on desktop as an Application

    Hi all, I'm still having trouble with this snapserver, when it is moutned using afp it appears on my dekltop as an application icon. When opened the system returns the message that it is used by the system. When I mount the server using smb it works fine. I used to be able to access the...
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    Disk Images not mounting

    I've had the same problem on an ibook 2001, but my Quicksilver G4 is ok.. same os versions as well. What gives?
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    lines through my icons

    yeah, i've had this problem, only a restart would fix it. cheers
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    Snap Server & 10.1 security update

    I cannot open our Snap Server after applying the 10.1 Security update, the os return a message "Item 'SNAP on Artwork' (the server name) is used by MAC OS X and cannot be opened. Then the os returns another message "An unexpected error occured (error code -50). So what to do now? I don't...
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    DVD Tricks in X.1 - Post yours here!

    1. don't unplug your connection to an external viewing device, OS X.1 will burn you with a restart. :mad: 2. Some DVD's will work and others regardless of your region coding won't. :mad: 3. Anyone know how to alter the region code? :D Please keep on posting to this thread any DVD...