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    Out of Office

    Yes you should be able to do this with vacation. See man vacation in terminal. It should be mentioned that using vacation is proberly to complicated for the average user. There is no auto reply with GUI in Mac OS X Server :-( There should be different solution to this problem, but they require...
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    Remote Access to OS X Server how is it done

    Hi Mack0 There are major issues to consider: 1) To allow users outside your local network to connect to a server inside you local network. The solution to this depends on how your connected to the internet and which kind of equitment you (ie. firewall, router, MacOS X Server acting as firewall...
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    Mac Os X Server Tiger 10.4

    Hi Check out Apple Remote Desktop Its gives the posiblity to use VNC or see Regards
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    Remote Access to OS X Server how is it done

    Hi How you want to do this is depending what you need and how your network is set up. If you have a firewall and the server is behind it and you just want basic file sharing access this can be done via SSH see: Please be more specific and...
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    Help! Mac OS X server hangs and freezes on startup

    Two suggestions: 1) Try to start the server in target disk mode and see if you can see the disk 2) Install a system om a external hard disk and try to boot from that If the server can't boot in safe it might lead to the conclusion that there is something quite wrong with you machine
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    server 10.4 permissions to view via http

    Is sounds like the problem is that the webserver user which proberly is uid 70 (I havn't worked with 10.4 server yet) doesn't have the permissions to use this directory or some of the files or subdirectories. Especially the index.html file
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    Easy Way To Change Folder Permissions

    Or you could change the permissions in the CLI. Use chgrp -R and the chmod -R This will enable you to change permission quite easy and fast. If you not not that familiar with CLI check server documentation on Apple Website or type man chmod and man chgrp in the CLI If you are using 10.4 server...
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    Adaptec ATA Raid Controller 1200A

    It seem that the controller is not supported under OS X
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    OSX Server - Temp Files?

    Are you trying to start if from the GUI or from CLI ? I have had a lot of problem with the GUI for 5.5 so I switched to starting and stoping from CLI If you fivermaker server application is located in the application folder go the CLI and type the following commands note ignore the () and...
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    Saving to Mac Os X Server

    Please provide more details i.e. which server version, how are the shares mounted, filesystem om the server etc
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    authenticating windows workstations off open directory

    Please provide more details please
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    Workgroup Manager - Sharing

    Hi Seem like a IP address or DNS problem. Try to login to the server and start WGM and put in the address (a look back address) and see if you will be able to connect Best regards MacTorsten
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    OS X Server and local drives on client machines

    Hi Are the user home directories located on the local machine og on a server ? Best regards MacTorsten
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    newbie needs help, please!!

    Hi I haven't used 10.4 server where the control of permission have changed radically. Please see around page 45 There is a description on how it can be done If it just makes you more confused send a new mail Best regards...