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    networking iMAc and PC

    The best way is to get a network hub and 2 ethernet cables. One goes from hub to PC the other goes from hub to Mac. (If you are sharing a DSL/Cable connection to the internet, you may want to look at a DSL/Cable router with 4 ports [or so] instead of a hub). Once done, the above instructions...
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    How hard to add ext2 volume support?

    You might be able find some information from the open/net/free BSD source trees in their implementation of reading/writing to ext2fs.
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    Please tell me how to network 2 Macs in OS X.

    NFS is a great way to share in Mac OS X. There is a shareware tool called NFSmanager that makes this a bit easier for the novice.... um. here's one place you can find it: You can alternatively edit a couple of files by hand.The nice thing about...
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    VPN software?

    you might want to check this out. I'm not sure how easy it would be to port and I haven't tried porting this yet, but I hope to try in about 2 months. This would work with a microsoft VPN system (also a project available on the linux...
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    there is a Novell client for the Mac OS 7.x up check this: so you *should* be able to install such a thing on os X under legacy os 9.x. Most places have Novell running on both TCP/IP and IPX. The IPX protocol is fairly straight forward, so, if...
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    Virtual PC4 I know that you are talking about something slightly different, and that is "accessing an MS Access database stored on your local HD". However, you could access it through an ODBC (bridge to bridge) connection to a surrounding windows machine. In this way, it may help...
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    Word Processing (Full Featured)

    I'm partly answering my own question here, but I thought people in this group would be interested. I'm interested in any progress in the WP domain and this needs porting help: It appears to be the next generation of Star Office. There is an OS X port of this in...
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    Word Processing (Full Featured)

    Is there anything out there besides Appleworks? Does anybody know of something coming that has equivalent power to MS Word, or WordPerfect? Or better. This is the only application that seems to be lacking in Mac OS X right now for me. Personally, I'd like to move out of OS 9x. I find that...