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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    I have built MySQL 3.23.28 and rolled it into an Installer package. It's available at Cheers, Matt
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    We need simple things !!!

    Online-only membership is completely free and you'll find a huge and growing libary of materials available to you (Project Builder and other tools included).
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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    I have a MySQL package file that should allow you, provided you know how to configure and use MySQL, to install it on your system. Email me if interested.. I need testers before releasing it to the public. Matt
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    Anyone got PHP to work yet?

    The DSO option is not working yet. I tried it and it just failed, failed, failed. I did all sorts of tweaking of the build scripts and it just would not build for me. I actually did get a built but, alas, it would not load correctly. I do have it working as a compiled in module...
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    mySQL on OSX

    As promised, here are step-by-step instructions for downloading, building and installing MySQL, Apache, and PHP4. These instructions will replace the built-in Apache web server with a binary compiled for PHP4 support. Enjoy, and let me know...
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    mySQL on OSX

    If in the course of your development, you've managed to trounce all over your native Apache installation, have no fear. I nearly have the configuration and build process figured out to build Apache in place using the Apple directory structure as oppposed to sticking it all in...
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    The FUN is back!

    Yup.. because while the easy stuff is still easy, there's all sort of cool hard stuff to do as well. I used to tinker with my NetBSD system just for the sheer entertainment value and the challenge. Having all that available under MacOS is a dream come true...
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    Public Beta Classic Supports Appearance Themes!

    Don't you hate how the Classic Platinum appearance and the shiny new Aqua GUI clash? If you can scour the net and find the excellent Appearance theme "Liquid Icons" (no I won't send it to you), you can change the appearance of Classic apps to be more Aqua-like. As an example, here's a TIFF of...