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    /dev/null OS X ad (not TV)

    Photoshop is running. It's to the left of the Netscape icon.
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    mac os x 10.0.4 with sgi 1600sw, window manager wierdness

    That's all I need is ANOTHER box on my desk. A monitor to an adapter to a converter to a CPU...all I'm missing is a couple of tin cans and a string. You're probably right, though. I think instead, I'll just boot into OS 9 if I really need to play games.
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    mac os x 10.0.4 with sgi 1600sw, window manager wierdness

    Then there's something wrong with my setup. Every time I launch, say, Quake III, it switches to an illegal resolution and the screen goes black. When I hit Command-Q, everything returns to normal. As a VersionTracker devotee, I can assure you I'm completely up to date with my software updates...
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    mac os x 10.0.4 with sgi 1600sw, window manager wierdness

    I have almost the same configuration except I do not have the Belkin converter. Instead, I use the Multilink to plug into the VGA port, which works like a charm. Perhaps the converter is the problem. One issue I do have: some games will automatically set the resolution to 640 x 480, which is...
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    Automatically refreshing the desktop wallpaper

    I thought it was just me I am doing the exact same thing and running into the same problem. One thing I tried is I saved xplanet's output to file "latest.jpg" every five minutes, overwriting the old one. Then I used the shareware preference pane SwitchPic to randomly pick a picture from...
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    QuickTime 5.0 not carbonized?!

    You're right, I hadn't noticed that. What I have noticed is that the OS X version will not play MPEGs or AVIs—only MOVs. Very irritating.
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    QuickTime 5.0 not carbonized?!

    Surely I'm not the only one who's completely blown away by this surprise. Someone tell me I'm missing something!
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    Apple eNews displays wrong in

    the eNews I received today displayed perfectly fine in Knowing absolutely nothing about how OS X works, my first and only guess would be that your monitor is set to 256 colors or less. Anyone else having any problems?
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    Filtering in

    I've read in a number of places that the bundled does have a filtering feature, but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone got it working?
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    Rhapsody setiathome

    Here's the link: Enjoy.
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    Rhapsody setiathome

    Have you tried the carbonized Seti 3.0? GUI and everything, and it seems pretty spritely. Versiontracker has a link to it.
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    Quickcam in classic

    My Quickcam doesn't seem to like Classic. When the extensions are loading at "startup," the QC is x-ed out. QuickMovie, QuickPict and CU-SeeMe also don't work. Looks like we're going to have to keep dual-booting for a while, considering Logitech's less than stellar support of Mac software...
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    mpegs and avis in OS X?

    No, you're not the only one. I think a lot of people hoped the public beta would ship with QT 5.0 (and with it an MPEG codec), but that's obviously not the case. Until 5.0 comes out, we're all stuck with Classic QT. Drat.
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    Radical News & JediKnight not working

    Radical News is an OS X Server app only.