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    Yeah but this is not true for opendivx wisch is a a whole new beast. And the source code is open wich is not true for 3ivx at the moment. We will see wich one will be the best. At the moment it looks like 3ivx has comed a longer way though.
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    Or you could help/wait on opendivx at I think this will be much bigger then 3ivx.
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    Where did InputSprocket go...?

    Inputsprocket is dead but there will be the HID Manager so all the things you like in Inputsprocket will be there in HID Manager. Now I only hope that the HID Manager will be working with Inputsprocket in Classic
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    The Wet Dream OS

    It should defintely be for you. But as it is beta it has the not finsihed yet feel of it. Im using it as my primary OS. And I have formated away Linux so many times because I hated how it looked and behaved, but I wanted the power. Now Ive got it with a really nice GUI (That need work but hey...
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    GTK or similar

    No it would have to be ported first. Coulded openstep be something to look at for this. Openstep tries to give you the API that you have in cocao in MacOS X on other Unixes.
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    Controlling the terminal with applescript

    im trying to make the terminal run some commands with the help of applescript. But it doesnt work, do anybody know how to do this? //Marcus Nilsson
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    Run Windows on OS X?

    Sorry, VMware uses the the fact that there is a i386 in the machine, therefore it is not possible with MacOS X on PPC to take advantage of it. MacOS X on i386 would be a diffrent story.
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    Dock contextual

    Totaly agree. One thing that would be great is that if program could choose what popupmeny you would get when you click on the program in the dock. In this way you could easily access the programs function. Sort of like the Control strip.
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    Users and Groups - Where are the Groups?

    Its there, not in multiple user thou. Go to netinfomanager under appllications:utilitys and you will find both user and groups plus a lot of other things.
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    Audio in OS X

    Maybe they aint sure yet. I really hope we will get killer sound with dolby prologic/digital and all other gooddies. Creative talked about not being able to use all of the thing on there SB live card in MacOS classic. But that they would in MacOS X. Hope we will get support for many speakers...
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    Sorry gave the wrong adress here is the right one
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    They have a new version with a MacOS X GUI installer now. Its a brezze to install it now! Grab it at
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    Built-In Support For Two-Button Mouse

    Yeah that was pleasing to see, but I want more. The scroll wheel works in Cocoa apps but not i carbon or classic and the second button doesn´t work in in classic. Does any one know if we must wait for apple or if this can be done in some other way. It would be fun to have something like...
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    Reformatting a partition in OS X

    Nope, thats not right. I have files on my HFS+ partion that have names that are greater then 32 chars. A pathname is never stored as a string on the harddisk so a limit of 255 chars in a path name, doesn´t make sence. The current MacOS is limited to 32 chars, so if your not using MacOS X you...
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    Reformatting a partition in OS X

    But HFS+ has a limit of 255 chars. I'm no expert on UFS but I think you have something simiular there. So what would you gain?