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    Where did InputSprocket go...?

    There appears to be no InputSprocket support in Mac OS X PB. Has Apple abandoned the InputSprocket technology? Or is it simply that Apple has not yet implemented the InputSprocket support in this beta, but InputSprocket will be in the final release of os x? I need to know this so i...
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    cc problems

    Your path is kept in a shell variable named PATH, as a series of directory names separated by colons. In Bash, which i am using, you would view your PATH by saying echo $PATH and add . (the current dir) to your PATH by saying PATH=$PATH":." ...but you are not using Bash, you are using tcsh...
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    Missing unix tools?

    Pretty much any UNIXish software you could want would be at You will have to compile it yourself. Most things will not compile easy; you will probably have to do crazy things, like editing Makefiles by hand, changing all references to "gcc" to "cc" and commenting...
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    New Calculator in OS X?

    Yes. The buttons use Appearance Manager now, so it has the color scheme of Aqua (or whatever theme you may have). And the screen has a green tint. It's in /Applications.
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    console cd player, os x /dev

    Finally today after getting the new Nine Inch Nails remixes cd (which is really good, btw) i decided i wasn't willing anymore to put up with a cd player app that had worthless eye candy, was slow to respond, and actually skips every time that a window had to redraw somewhere. So i decided to...