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    Project builder quits at launch

    Thanks for the advice! I tried it and now it works like a charm. So, my advice to anyone with this problem is to check the console (applications/utilities/ for what the problem might be. Then fix it with Pacifist. MH
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    Please Help! Project Builder quits!

    Guys, try to open the console (applications/utilities/ and see the output that PB prints out. For me (I have the same problem with launching) it says that a directory is missing. What's to be done? Anyone? MH
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    Project builder quits at launch

    Check your console (applications/utilities/ while launching. Does it say the following? dyld: /Developer/Applications/Project Builder can't open library: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/JavaKit.framework/Versions/A/JavaKit (No such file or...
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    Java messages

    Hi, I am really puzzled... I am trying out some Java applications in Internet Explorer and need to see the (debugger) output, but I can find no "Java console" or similar to see those messages in. You can check an option in IE to log the Java activity, but where does that log go?? I know of...