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    problem viewing network shared folder on mac os x

    Many thanks for u reply. There is main server running windows 2000 server and there is mac server that is running mac os x server.If i look at network connection in windows 2000 server i see 4 computer icons. Two of them are for printers connnected to the network and the other two are one is...
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    Problem printing to network printer from mac os x

    Hi all i recently connnected 2 mac os x computers to Airport wirless stream. I do have internet connection but i can not print from them. There are 2 computers connected to network and there is mac os x that is connected to network via wire and it can print with out problem. Could any expert...
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    problem viewing network shared folder on mac os x

    Hi all . i am using mac os x and trying to view the shared files and folder on the network. There is a icon called data below the screen once i click on it a window pops up and i do not see my shared folder from the network!! i am connected to the network via wireless airport stream.I have...