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    weird video issue with HS

    2013 MBA i7, 8G. this MBA is partitioned. Mavs on one side so that I can use ProTools10HD. HS on the other side, my daily drive. Every now and then, the HS part won't output video via Tbolt to my ext 24" Dell. Tbolt goes thru a UA Apollo audio I/O 1st, then the Dell. I've tried cycling the...
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    DayMaker v3

    Has anyone a copy of DayMaker v3 early to mid 90s' app? Pastel Developement.
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    dual boot with CCC

    excellent! thanks.
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    dual boot with CCC

    thinking about partitioning my drive to dual boot Mavs (coz I don't want to pay the ProTools upgrade cost right now) and probably El Cap or Sierra. I don't use TM but rather CCC. Has anyone set a dual boot using CCC? Had any issues?
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    forwarding pdf with Mail

    I'm trying to forward a pdf attachment that I received to someone else via Mail. No matter what I do, it won't leave town. The error I get is can't send with server. All other Mail goes with NP. I can send my own pdfs, NP. I tried changes perms on the doc. NC. I assume that this has...
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    Mail hyperlinks stopped working

    10.5.6 as well. Mine works the same now. But I was previously, last week, able to "check" links I sent out.
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    Mail hyperlinks stopped working

    Suddenly a couple fo days ago. Outgoing links aren't working, but they seem to function OK on the receive side. I repaired permissions. No new apps other than an iPhone.
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    can't scan or "PC" fax w/MF4350

    finally got the oddly implemented "PC" fax working. pita
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    can't scan or "PC" fax w/MF4350

    well - that does work, thanks. Ugly, but I guess that's the best Canon can do for Mac users. My old OmniPage (which was never stellar, but ...) just crashes, even though it works with my mums new MX850 of the same vintage. Go figure. Now if I can only get the "PC" fax working.
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    can't scan or "PC" fax w/MF4350

    not the proper software for this scanner which is still a MF 4350d. 5G ram. dual Xeon. 10.5.4
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    can't scan or "PC" fax w/MF4350

    Phantom hands extend from the disk drive, grabbing your wrists, preventing you from clicking the "Install" button? yes, that! It goes thru the motions, says install successful. But upon restart, there is no sign of installation other then in ~/Lib/App Supp/Canon/ 2 folders and a plist. No...
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    can't scan or "PC" fax w/MF4350

    Leopard MacPro 5G. ScanGear won't install to be useable for some reason. I installed the current drivers and apps from Canons website. Print is fine.
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    shut down problems

    MacPro dualie, 5G ram (Rember checked OK) 10.5.1, installed directly w/o SU. Recently I've been having problems shutting down. Usually the symptoms are menu bar and mouse pointer go away, gear spins endlessly. Doesn't happen every time ... yet. Use to be shut down occurred in 10-15 secs. No...
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    Eudora In box corrupt

    thanks. did that back in OS9 as I hated the sounds.