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    Old Osx Operating System On Partition?

    So you want to buy a new Mac to run your old software that is incompatible with the new computer that you want to buy? You may be going at this from the wrong direction. You should considered buying a refurbished Mac Pro that is compatible with OS X 10.6.8. However, I am not certain that this...
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    Please Recommend A New Browser For Old Macbook Air!

    Your computer supports OS X 10.7 through OSX 10.11 El Capitan (which is free). If you upgrade, then you will have more option of using any or all current OS X browsers. Is there any particular reason that you are hanging onto such an old OS?
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    What Is Putting Mail Messages In Junk Folder?

    It sounds to me as though the your false positives were flagged at the server. You might want to check your online iCloud security settings. You gave no information about the source or nature of your false positives. I note that some senders use message formats that mimic junk mail.
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    Help Needed With Winebottler!

    ExpressionSuite and WINE are free, but Windows is not.
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    Cant Acces Recovery Mode On My Mac Pro

    Which version of OS X are you running?
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    Processor Prefpane

    The Processor preferences pane had been around for more than a decade. However, it was not a part of any OS X default installation. It was part of your Xcode installation and was installed from the /Developer/Extras/PreferencePanes/ folder. The Developer folder is gone the way of the PPC, the...
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    Utorrent Has Malware

    This is a clarification, not a contradiction. I note that that you did not name the site from which you downloaded µTorrrent 1.8.7. The omitted information is relevant as will become clear below. Spigot is an adware engine. We tend to think of adware and malware as the work of nefarious people...
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    Apple Mail Problem

    You have given absolutely no information about your wife's email account. It sounds like she has a POP account. It also sounds like Mail on her account is not configured to automatically delete messages from the server.
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    Will Continuity's Feature Of Sending Sms Messages Work With All Mobile Providers ?

    Handoff is an OS feature. To be specific, it is an iOS 8/OS X Yosemite feature. If your device is not booted into an OS that supports the feature, then you cannot expect it to work.
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    Samsung SMART TV

    First off, it is not Apple iTV. Apple's set top box is the Apple TV or the TV. Now to the issue at hand. Are you actually having trouble streaming content from your TV to your Samsung SMART TV? I gather that you posted your question in anticipation of issues. My suggestion is to first...
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    Restricted Visibility For Mounted Diskimages

    How is this "extraordinarily poor"? If the image cannot be opened, then it cannot be seen by unwanted eyes. If it can be opened, then you have the security problem of physical access.
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    Idvd Problem

    Where to begin...? HD DVD was a protocol that attempted to compete against Blu-ray. It failed and was abandoned years ago. Apple never supported HD DVD nor Blu-ray, for that matter. It sounds like you have HD content that you are trying to burn to DVD. That is not HD DVD. iDVD burns standard...
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    Java And Adobe Reader

    God only knows. Adobe Reader is not a Java-based application. That said, Java 6 was the last Apple-supplied version of Java for the Mac. All versions of Java 7 and Java 8 are supplied by Oracle.
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    How To Copy Files From Ntfs Usb To Mac Pc And Mac Pc To Ntfs Usb?

    OS X requires a third-party driver to write to a NTFS volume. I use the free NTFS-3G from Tuxera. Newer versions of OS X require a user-applied patch. Commercial NTFS drivers don't require the patch, but they do cost money. The primary reason for going to NTFS in the first place it to handle...