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    IE produces blank pages; IE bug or PHP code error?

    I've seen certain elements not appearing in IE (due to floats with CSS) but never blank pages. Are you using floats anywhere?
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    Submitting XHTML forms

    <form method="post" action="doStuff.php">
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    iWeb part of iLife '06?

    Heh. Don't count on that. Have you seen the HTML that Pages spews out? :)
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    100% Height???

    Table are evil for layout. Don't forget about semantics. Tables have a purpose... not for layout.
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    Website works on one server, but not another

    JavaScript can't be the issue here. Are you using some kind of server side script to serve the page? (PHP, ASP, etc).
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    Web Design

    IE Mac is pretty much dead. As far as I know, only IE PC supports Microsoft specific filters.
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    i hate IE

    I'm pretty sure that should work. I'm not an expert with JavaScript so I've had problems like that before. I had code like that sitting outside of a function, so it would not work. To fix it, I had to do this: window.onload = setUp function setUp() {...
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    safari vs. firefox on javascript window.event

    tench, my understanding is that window.event is an Internet Explorer thing. Also, isn't there an issue with alt click, shift clicks, ctrl clicks, etc being used for certain functions like opening the clicked link in a new tab? The W3C standard for getting access to an event is 'e'. The...
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    Post your desktop!

    Hey RacerX. Good to see that your 7500 is still alive and kicking. Rhapsody is still running smooth on mine. :)
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park
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    meta tags and search engines

    Major search engines like Google don't use meta tags much anymore. Just make sure all your keywords and phrases are used frequently are placed in the correct spots. Put the most important words in the title tags if possible. You have a really nice looking site :) You might want to drop the...
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    JavaScript return false

    To be honest, I'm not looking to support older browsers like Netscape4. Since it can't read my CSS (which is ALSO NOT in the HTML), I will just let my site break down gracefully (this will happen since I planned ahead and assembled it with that in mind). The HTML markup should not be full of...
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    JavaScript return false

    Hey guys, I need some JavaScript help. In this JavaScript application I was stopping the browser from following the href like so (the "return false;" is what stops the link): <a href="" id="appleLink" onclick="someFunction(); return false;">Random Test</a> Since...
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    Two questions: CSS layout and javascript

    Are you using the float attribute or positioning for your layout?
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    XMLHttpRequest and Dashboard

    Is your *.plist file set up properly? I was having trouble with XMLHttpRequest until I compaired my plist with an Apple plist.