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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    No, this is from the standalone installer. I dont have iLife at all. I just want to upgrade my old iTunes to the latest iTunes 4.5 Thanks! John
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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    Could that affect an iTunes installation without affecting any other installation? Using the GUI-based software update, the installation goes past the password phase fine and only crashes later when the installaer is "examining the package". Thanks again, Cheryl! John
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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    I repaired permissions on the drive, eventhough it did not give me an error on permissions. I did that using my own account, with has admin privileges, but not using a default admin login. Curiously, no other installer/updater has had this problem and the permissions were fine on the iTunes...
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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    I've tried that multiple times and that didnt seem to work either. I wonder if there is something else I am overlooking?? Thanks for the input! John
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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    I tried trashing the plist file but still get the same error. I can launch the current itunes without problem. Thanks! John
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    Difficulty installing iTunes 4.5

    Hi folks! I have had some trouble installing iTunes 4.5. Originally, I was using OS X 10.2.8, and when I tried doing the update from SoftwareUpdate, the iTunes installation would always just crash without any error messages. All other installations via the software update have been fine. I...
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    Help Please: CD Burner (iTunes) Freezes

    Hi Folks: I am hoping to tap this expertise before resorting to apple. I have a problem with my CD burner (or perhaps its iTunes that is the problem). When I try to burn an audio CD, iTunes completely freezes after the 2nd track (fairly consistently), and never resumes. The little burn...
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    A good multibutton mouse for X ?

    Macally iOptinet. (USB) Sturdy but light mouse (i hate mice that creak and can be deformed easily -- makse them feel cheap). Great OS X functionality
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    Network update in software update

    Have you checked your memory? Up until I replaced the 512MB memory stick in my iBook, I had problems waking it up from sleep consistently. I had lots of reboots. The problem was pinpointed to the memory stick, the stick was replaced, and now I have yet to have a single sleep/wake/restart...
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    Photo touch-up software

    Ah! I found the histogram balancing under Auto-Leveling in Graphic Converter. Also tried out PixelNhance...nice little piece of software! Thanks again for the suggestions. John
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    Photo touch-up software

    Thanks for advice! I have tried Graphic Converter, but i couldn't figure out how to do the histogram balance. John
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    Photo touch-up software

    Hi folks: Can anyone some photo-touch-up alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. I just want to be able to do some basic touch up and color balancing on simple photos taken with a point-and-shoot camera, before I send them to a service to be printed. I have seen GIMP, but I prefer not to install...
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    iBook 600 and OS X.1/X.2

    I would try playing with an iBook with OS X on it just to get a feel for how it differs from your current experience (your G4). We are using subjective measures of speed here, so its hard to tell what BBenve thinks is "very fast" translates to on your speed scale. You also don't mention what...
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    Mac OS X's "Jaguar"

    I hope its free, but I would be willing to pay perhaps $20 - $40 for an upgrade. I can't justify paying full price for this update, given the features set it is supposed to have.
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    retropsect and wireless backup clients

    I also have a problem backing up to an FTP site over my 802.11b connection. I emailed their tech support about it, and they referred me to a a website that provided me with no insight into the problem. I need to run nightly backups of some critical files, and i find it utterly frustrating...