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    Lightscribe LaCie labeler

    My pleasure ! ;-) (No need to answer the post previous to your last, I guess !)
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    Lightscribe LaCie labeler

    After experimenting, I can say that the security update is not to blame : I reverted to 10.4.6 and I had the same problem. In the meantime, LaCie support replied to my request for help by informing me that I should uninstall the LightScribe libraries and reinstall the previous version...
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    Lightscribe LaCie labeler

    I also have the same LLLPrintTask crashing problem. I can certify that it all worked smoothly in July (that means 13 days ago !) I suspect that the latest security update (2006-004) is the culprit of this problem. I intend on reinstalling a previous version of the OS from a backup and see if...
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    Microsoft "Longhorn" Discussion

    I'm not underestimating... but I'm not suffering from envy either. Almost everything is already available in Mac OS X. What isn't will most certainly be in there by the time Longhorn hits the shelves !
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    iTunes 3 crazy preformance boost

    deagle five o vs Chibi15 vs cybergoober Now that is what you may consider a macho competition ! :D :p ;)
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    jaguar upgrade path?

    You wouldn't believe how faster Jaguar is compared to 10.1. It's like using Mac OS X at Mac OS 9 speed (on the same computer). Upgrading to Jaguar, is exactly that : an UPgrade. (It's not like it was when changing to System 6 to 7 (for those who remember), Mac OS 8 to 9 (for the younger crowd)...
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    Running 6C75 here...

    Oops ! You're right ! I had forgotten to put "MHz" in there... Knowing this, if I type the following in Lucida Grande over the blurred text, it fits perfectly :700 MHz PowerPC G3 :( ;) (Of course, it could be any 3 digit number, since the numbers are too blurry to figure them out)
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    OMG! Apple acquires Emagic!!!!!!

    I'm sure you meant : Who's NeXT ? :D
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    Running 6C75 here...

    ;) :D ;)
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    Running 6C75 here...

    I cannot figure out what it was written before macosXrumors blurred the info, but I would think that : he has a dual PowerPC machine (we can clearly see "PowerPC G") and apparently Jaguar also displays the CPU's speed There is certainly something else, though, because the first word on the...
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    Running 6C75 here...

    macosXrumors... "Multi-language content indexing" isn't new : it's already a part of Sherlock and it always has been a component of that technology (vTwin, if I remember well, was its code name) since its first appearance in Mac OS 8.x... You can see this exact same dialogue box you...
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    128 kbps stereo AAC audio "indistinguishable" from original uncompressed audio?!?!

    Why ? Simply so that the music will sound better of course ! :D
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    PLEASE! A moment of silence for Mac OS 9!

    You are absolutely right... except that SimX probably uses OmniWeb or Chimera or Mozilla... And the plugin only works in MSIE (typical Microsoft). :rolleyes: Another possibility could be that SimX never downloaded the WiMP for Mac OS X... But I doubt it considering what he wrote... ;)
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    How many of you have seen that Office v.X TV ads?

    Wasn't this "ad" a part of Microsoft's booth at MacWorld New York 2001 ?
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    Creating a Mac OS X startup disk CD ?

    It is a very interesting read... but since I only have one partition on my Mac, I cannot apply these tips. Oh well ! :(