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    Icon sizes in Finder windows

    One of my issues with Mavericks is that I miss the little slider in the lower right corner of Finder windows where I could easily change the size of icons in the window. This feature was very helpful when looking for photos in that folder. I could instantly make them larger to determine the...
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    Getting texts back to regular phone instead of iMessages

    My granddaughter recently had to switch from an iPhone 4 back to a standard cell phone. Now when her friends with iPhones send her a text, it always goes to iMessages on her iPad instead of to her phone. Can you tell us how to get this stopped so she recieves all her texts on her cell phone...
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    Cant find downloaded email attachments of mov files

    My daughter sends me videos in both emails and messages, but after I click to download them, I can never find them. I did a search for all mov files with EasyFind today and found them, but can't seem to get to them in Finder. I'm wanting to create an alias on my desktop to be able to access...
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    screenshot file formats

    Can I change my snapshot feature to save snapshots to jpg files? It now is saving to png and my Photoshop Elements program doesn't import them to the organizer. Thanks Peg Mac OS X 10.6.8
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    Switch from wired to wireless mouse

    Thanks so much. Worked perfectly. Most things on the Mac seem to work well if I can just get around the learning curve of going from years of PC to the Mac. I'm liking it more all the time. Thanks again. Peg
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    Switch from wired to wireless mouse

    My husbands iMac (OS X 10.6.4), purchased a few months before mine, came with a wireless mouse. My iMac (OS X 10.6.8) came with a wired mouse. He doesn't use the wireless, preferring his PS2 mouse. I would like to use the wireless, but it won't work with my computer. Is there a driver or...
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    Photos open when selected

    No, I don't use iPhoto. I'm using Finder trying to get my photos ready for Photoshop Elements Organizer. I find photos very hard to delete and move in both iPhoto and Elements. I therefore am moving them in Finder before allowing Organizer to catalog them, but keep having this problem of...
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    Photos open when selected

    In Finder, I'm having trouble with photos opening when selected. If I use Cmd + click or if I select several with click + (shift+click). All of the photos will open and have to be closed before I can move a group of photos to a different folder. Being in the process of organizing about 6,000...
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    Trash freezes

    This problem just arose after I had to have my 4 week old computer's hard drive replaced due to a recall. I should have created an image, but thought since I didn't have a lot on it yet, I would just re-install from the disks that came with it. Since that re-install, there have been several...