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    Does anyone know how long the system.log files live before they are written over? I guess its the /usr/sbin/rotatelogs script that manages it but I cant tell what the default value is. rotatelogs --help just gives me an example but will not tell me the default.
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    Wwdc 2008

    Oh this is an astounding improvement. Native support for RCP over HTTP ms exchange. People have been crying for this for a long time as the only program capable of connecting has been Microsoft's entourage pro edition.
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    Swap my gaming PC for iMac G5

    You doubt you will get anyone swapping for your machine. Sorry in no way is it a "gaming PC" :(
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    My Doorbell - The White Stripes
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    Swap my gaming PC for iMac G5

    If the powermacs are updated im voting for X800XT and X850XT....
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    Swap my gaming PC for iMac G5

    Forget the iSight and Remote... the iMac G5's graphics card upgrade is the most interesting upgrade I have seen in ages. Finally a Macintosh for the mainstream that you _Can_ play all the latest games with. X600Pro and X600XT Pci-E are astoundingly good cards and at the moment blow the ones...
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    Tactical Clans

    Im not sure about skype, in all honesty I have not used it. However I do hear it has quite a large Kb/s Upload compared to other voice communications clients. Also is it possible to have 15 people on with the possibility of listening or talking (in theory) at once? Gameranger is a rather...
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    Teamspeak coming to OS X (sort of)!

    hmmm... we shall see....
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    Tactical Clans

    How do you expect to be in a tactical clan with no voice communication software? OS X doesn’t really have a variant of its own, and nothing compared to teamspeak or ventrilo. Its such a shame that they don’t develop these applications for os x. Apple even went as far as giving the teamspeak...
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    Windows XP On 10.3 700mhz G4

    There is something far wrong with your windows pc then, sugest you so a nice wee health check on it. Virtual pc hould hardly run on your 700.
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    Mac os X on Playstation 3 Quote: 'The integrated Cell processor will be able to support a variety of operating systems (such as Linux or Apple's Tiger).' ..Kind of odd that they're speculating about their own product.
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    Two Tuesdays in a row!! The apple store is down again! What's new now?? Guesses?

    My god, as small as this might seam to other users to me this is more shocking than the Intel switch! Ladies and gentlemen Apple is changing drastically it seams that everything we require from a Mac is now fulfilled. Well…I am one happy camper.
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    New Mac Minis and iBooks support core image?

    They did not upgrade the graphics on the mini mac. Will I ever be buying one with that joke graphics card? I think not. Would have liked to see at 9600 ATI in the update.
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    Developer's Kit (intel Mac) information (merged thread)

    the xp screen just looks like virtual pc set to 800x600 and the box could just be one of these fellows who happing to get a g5 case and gut it. I have trouble believing things from thinksecret however could also be true. :S