Mac os X on Playstation 3

I heard they wanted to put Linux on it but this is the first time I heard about Mac OSX. I don't honestly think thats going to happen though. Maybe if Apple decided to use the Cell chip it could have but again it take a lot of work just to emulate it on the Cell.
If I know Apple correctly, they'll implement some processor check in 10.5 to disallow it from booting from Cell processors. Apple would lose hardware market share if people could just buy a relatively affordable game console and run OS X on it.
Actually, Sony would have to first make the machine be recognised to the OS. Apple doesn't have to prevent anything, really. For example you can get PowerPC (G3, G4) motherboards and processors. They run Linux fine, and you can even get Mac OS X to boot within MOL (Mac-On-Linux), but you can't run Mac OS X natively on those boards. But with the PS3 things are worse, since the Cell isn't just another PowerPC. I think it's simply a misinterpretation somewhere. _Theoretically_, Apple could make the effort of bringing Tiger/Leopard to the PS3. But it's not really in their interest, I guess...