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    Netgear RangeMax WPN824 compatability

    Hello I purchased the above router for use with my G5 iMac and other PC computers. If I enable the the 'auto 108 Mbps' mode (which forces wireles onto channel 6), that enables me to utilise the 108Mbps mode with compatible PCs I cannot connect my iMac to the network. The SSID is picked up...
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    eyehome displays gret boxes not photos

    Hello I have just upgraded to OS-X 10.4.4. and also upgraded from iLife'05 to '06. Last night I discovered that my eyeHome is no longer displaying my iPhoto photographs on my TV. When I go into the photo menu on eyehome I see a menu item for my iPhoto Libraries (iPhoto sildeshow / folders...
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    iWeb Language problem

    Just installed iLife06 My templates are showing in a mix of languages. Titles are in English but the detailed text boxes are not. I think they are in Italian.... Anyone know how to resolve this problem? I know I will end up overwriting the text boxes... but just want a full English...
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    Backup 3 reporting disc cannot be ejected

    I am running Backup 3 onto an external USB Hard Drive. Each time I try a sizable backup Backup3 tries to break it into parts. Then after it has finished one part after about 20mins it reports a problem with ejecting the disc asking me if I want to force an eject. Does Backup 3 think my USB...
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    Belkin Wireless Print Server

    With Tiger where do I enter the 9101 port on my Mac (tiger) to set up the second printer? When I set up the first printer I did not enter a port number (as I did not know where to set it up) but it appeared to default to 9100.
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    Belkin Wireless Print Server

    Thanks I have had much better luck printing today. By using HP Jet - Socket, selecting the IP address of my printer server and selecting the appropriate Gimp-Print driver I can print to one of my two printers (Printer 1, or lpt1 or 9100). Does anyone know how I can set myself up to use my...
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    Belkin Wireless Print Server

    I currently use a Belkin wirless router and a separate Belkin wireless print server with my pc. I am now using the same network to connect to the internet from my iMac. Is there any way I can st up my iMac to use the printers currently connected to by Belkin Wirless Print Server? Any help...