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    iMac internal modem?

    Thanks sg, I found the modem update 2.x off of Apple's support site (software downloads, needed to login though). I ran it after booting into 9.1. Booted back into X and had been on for over an hour and had downloaded a large file, so at first it seemed to work. However, after initially...
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    iMac internal modem?

    My G4 will dial in (to Earthlink) but there is no modem sound; changing the prefs has no effect. In addition, after a few minutes it will randomly drop the connection (usually when downloading a big file.) Steve
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    Epson Photo 750 & Canon 8200 photo drivers

    Apple has a page in their knowledge base that lists compatible printers. The Epson compatibility is listed as: * Stylus COLOR 680 * Stylus COLOR 740 * Stylus COLOR 760 * Stylus COLOR 777 * Stylus COLOR 860 * Stylus COLOR 880 * PM-720C * PM-780C * PM-880C * PM-900C * PM-3500C...
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    Trouble with burning iTunes and Que!

    Can anyone figure this one out? I have a G4DP450, OSX 10.0.3, iTunes 1.1.1, and a Que! Fire 8x4x32x CDRW. I can't get iTunes to finish burning a cd. I can mount and use CDs in X and 9.1. I can burn CDs with Toast in 9.1. iTunes (X) recognizes that I have a CD burner, and will let me...
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    Changing directories in Terminal

    Annette, Thanks. I knew it was something simple, but I could't find the info anywhere. Steve
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    Changing directories in Terminal

    How do you change directories with multi-word names when using the Terminal app? For example if I wanted to change to a directory called "My File", if I use cd My%20File I get a directory does not exist error. The only work-around I've found is to rename the file in the finder to a name...
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    iomega zip & macosx

    The Mac Help file says: "Your computer comes with at least one hard disk and you can use other hard disks, Zip disks, and CD or DVD discs with your computer. ..." I have a SCSI external zip with an Apple installed SCSI card on a G4MP. I can get Mac formatted Zip disks to mount, but not PC...
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    Strange problem after login

    Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? System boots up fine but after logging in, the background flashes between the generic blue, and the wallpaper. A message box briefly appears but then is wiped out by the blue screen - sometimes when I'm running another...
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    Crash when starting Classic environement

    I had this problem on my G4MP but fixed it. The computer shipped with two disks a "Software Restore" and a "Software Install". If you reinstall OS9 using the Install disk, the proper drivers will be loaded for your hard drive and you will be able to run classic. If you use the Restore disk...
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    Questions regarding OS X on 2nd internal drive

    Alan, How did you format your second drive? I have a 20 GB (original WDC) drive and a second Quantum 30 GB drive on my 450MP. I used the OS9 Erase Disk and formatted it for Mac OS Extended. I then used Disk First Aid to repair. I next used the OS9 System Install CD to load 9 onto the...
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    Questions regarding OS X on 2nd internal drive

    Alan, Just make sure you use the OS9 Software Install CD rather than the Software Restore CD. Otherwise you'll end up with Classic choking when run from OSX. See <a href="">Classic won't start: HD Drivers</a> in the Report Problems...
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    Running sendmail, procmail, pop3d, and pine

    Pine works from the Terminal app (Applications -> Utilities). Start Terminal, then telnet to your remote server and run Pine. Steve
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    Classic won't start: HD Drivers

    It works! The problem comes from two similar software CDs that shipped with my computer. One disk is "Power Mac G4 Software Restore" and the other is "Power Mac G4 Software Install" It is important to use the Software Install CD for the OS9 install. On the Quantum dirve, I had originally used...
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    Classic won't start: HD Drivers

    The exact error is: "This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update this disk for this model." It is in a dialog box with a "Restart" button. Could they have used more "this"' if they tried? Steve
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    Classic won't start: HD Drivers

    I'm getting an error when trying to start classic that the Hard Drive driver needs to be updated. Here's my system: G4 MP 450; OS 9.0.4/OS X, 192 MB. My hard drives are WDC 5400 20 GB (came with G4) and a Quantum Fireball Plus LM 7200 30 GB. I've installed OS 9 on both drives. I've...