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    List of Live Coverage

    What are good websites for live MWSF07 coverage? I'll list them in this post, if you say any... - - - - - -...
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    Macworld Online?

    Fryke, are you going to update your site with live coverage?
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    My page of art....... art?

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    Biiig contest! Test ur Mac NOW!

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    New Forum! (Sugplopp)

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    Bootcamp Switchers

    Maybe a bit early, but you never know. Who has switched because of Bootcamp?
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    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    The strategy of Apple is pretty clear. It's like the iPod-iTMS-Mac thing. People who wants to buy legal music go to the iTMS, because that's the most popular. To get that music with them on the road, they'll have to buy an iPod. Where do you buy that? At the Apple Store. The first thing you see...
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    How well did you do?

    5 out of 10. :| But i got my thoughts on question number 6. I checked 10GB as my answer, but the results are saying that I am wrong. In October 2001 Apple also released a 10GB iPod. I'm sure because I bought one!
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    I bought a Mighty Mouse

    Not if you want a good scroller.