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    tomcat/jboss built into panther

    yea, finally got my virtual folder to show up. had to map the URL with a <url-pattern> directive in web.xml :-) working my way through the New Riders book "java for the web." -t
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    tomcat/jboss built into panther

    I started tomcat by itself and was trying to add a virtual folder into /library/tomcat/webapps ... /library/tomcat/webapps/myApp .... tomcat won't show that the virtual directory exists... is there any trick to getting it showing up? also, trying to login to administer, what's the default user?
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    tomcat/jboss built into panther

    open a terminal window and execute: sudo /Library/jboss/3.2/bin/ & then click http://localhost:8080/ F*(&)(&)kn' Kewl! -tom
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    ditch the status bar in Chimera?

    This shortcut doesn't work in my version of chimera, I'm using last night's build. which version of Chimera are you using? I think this is the shortcut for Safari.... Apple - / is the shortcut for showing and hiding the drawer in Chimera, but apple-\ doesn't do anything.
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    ditch the status bar in Chimera?

    does anyone know how to ditch the status bar at the bottom of a window in Chimera?
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    Mac OSX Webcam Drivers

    the IOxpterts drivers are only $20 and they work REALLY well with my QuickcamPro 3k. ABSOLUTELY no complaints.... other than having to pay :-).
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    Rendezvous for my linux box

    does anyone know of a concise HOWTO on making my linux box enable Rendezvous?
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    Chimera bookmarks into Safari

    anyone know of a good apple script to move chimera bookmarks into Safari?
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    New smallscale Jaguar features...

    ODBC is an **ORACLE** technology. They developed it to allow all the Desktop PC's communicate with their mainframe databases.
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    installers on 10.2

    I've found that when installers/updaters (specifically 'vise') are searchig for apps to install/update on 10.2, you really need to have all your network volumes unmounted or it searches the network volumes. Can anyone confirm?
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    usb exceeding bandwidth

    ok, here it goes: TiBook with soundsticks/os 10.1.4/soundsticks are on their OWN usb port. hub attached to another port. Occasionally, the soundsticks just loose connection to the computer and that USB port goes dead. What I believe is happening is the USB port is exceeding it's bandwith...
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    Shell Scripting command

    I've got an infestation of Nimba on my samba share. It left '.eml' files all over the directory structure. I'd like to delete all these in one fell swoop without going into each directory and deleting them individually... I'm thinking something like.... $> locate *.eml | rm -f $0 but that...
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    Apache, MySQL, PHP4 and Webmin running on MaxOSX

    I've used this config since the public beta. It's great to be able to test php scripts locally. Now if there was just a good PHP editor that worked without classic. BB Edit ..... where are you????? Rease a carbon version already.
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    Multiple Ip's?

    Open the Network Control Panel, beside configure there's a pulldown... pulldown "advanced" and there will be a port configuration box. There should be one there for your current e-net card. Choose "new" and name the configuration. Choose the e-net card you want the IP to respond on. Once...