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    X Windows Server

    Actually, Admiral AK, Mala is not referring to Apache, but to the X Windows server. In fact there is an x windows server in deveopment called Xtools. You can get a beta version of it at
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    perl on os X

    Yep, perl is part of OS X, thank god. If you'd like to know where your perl distribution resides, type $ which perl I'll save you time. It's installed in /usr/bin/perl, the standard location for perl. I've written and run perl scripts and it works fine, of course. For now, the only...
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    Wow memory shows with OS X

    I have OSX on my 400 Mhz B + W with 320 mb of memory and it really does rip. Much faster than my 300mhz ibook with 160mb (that is much faster than a 100mhz processor difference should seem).
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    File Sharing Between 9.0.4 and X

    Dood, yes it's true that Appleshare IP has Appleshare over TCP/IP, but macboy 73 is probably refering to "enable sharing over TCP/IP" option available under 9.0.4 TCP/IP control panel Why use Appleshare IP when 9.0 already has it?
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    The best thing about OSX...

    255 character filenames! Oh yeah! I was getting SO TIRED of being limited to 33. Granted, 255 may be a little long, but there where so many times when I could have used 40 or 50 characters (especially given the mp3 explosion hehe) ;)
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    Stupid Finder Tricks

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It seems like I hve spent the past week just moving things around, getting situated. I just installed a basic OS9 onto my OS x disk so I an retain my standard modified OS9 (like with behierarchic on another partition). I just wish Sonnet had OSX support for their...
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    Stupid Finder Tricks

    Endian - I doubt that a reinstall was necessary. It hasn't been for me. In fact, although the GUI hangs when quitting, the machine is still up (accepts incoming telnet). Readers of this thread might want to see <a...
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    Try buying it. And turning off your caps lock.
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    anyone get NeXbar to work?

    I've had the exact same problem - unable to add apps to the bar. Kinda disappointing.
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    Launching the finder...

    Okay, this is extremely strange. I'll just post some screen shots so you can see for yourself. First, <a href="">here</a> is a screen shot showing your typical situation. Classic was launched by double clicking a classic application icon - in this case, disk...
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    Launching the finder...

    Before you go running and trying this, I would advise you to hold off. In my hands it makes the system EXTREMELY unstable... I'm looking into right now...
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    Launching the finder...

    OK, here is something really bizarre. I read somewhere else (macintouch, I think?) about a user who tried launching the finder (from his OS 9) folder. Alas, when you double click the "Finder", classic launches. Sometimes, you can actually use the finder and browse your files. Most the...
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    Well, they could request a photocopy of your student I.D., and you could register at Apple as a developer, but what if you are just a geek and don't belong to either of those classes? I haven't gotten my Geek Card yet.
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    The Wet Dream OS

    Yep, I'm loving it. I'm debugging CGI scripts from my mac! That is kewl! still need xemacs, but hey, I'm loving the GUI, the unix core, the excitement and speed at which everything is moving. It seems like every hour there is something new to check out, some new port. People are already...
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    As mentioned above, appletalk works only over TCP / IP. In a nutshell, here are the ramifications of that: For this example, let's pretend that you are on a network with other macs using appletalk. A mac running OS 9 or less can connect to your OS X machine by 1) opening the chooser, 2)...