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    Font Management on 10.2

    Thanks for the feedback. We are now going to start testing FontReserve and FontAgent Pro. I will keep you guys posted.
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    Apple to go x86 for sure. Got proof.

    I was smoking alot of crack back when I posted this thread. I do not retract the statement but I do want to say that I was one of the main people behind the adoption of the PowerPC 970. I still think Apple could ultimately move away from relying on hardware. However people think that to do...
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    QuarkXpress 6 experience

    Now that QuarkXPress 6 has been released I was curioius if anyone has had time to test it and share their experience with using QuarkXpress 6. We are planning our MacOS 10 migration this year and will need a robust package for our designers. Thanks!
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    Font Management on 10.2

    I know this has been brought up time and time again on these boards but I was wondering if any creative agencies have real world experience working with font management on OS 10 I am currently looking at Suitcase, Font Reserve, and Font Agent Pro. There are some pro's and con's to each but I...
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    pixar to buy universal

    You guys are forgetting one thing about Pixar. They have Disney looking down on them and Disney distribution capabilities which include ABC, ESPN, ABC Family, etc. Think "American Idol" type of stuff but for ABC. I think Pixar would be more viable than Apple because Steve Jobs has...
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    Apple switching to Intel, by John C. Dvorak

    well actually that is not the reason why it can reasonably emulate a PC. A G3 would not be able to do it as well as a G4. The PowerPC is a risc chip and can switch between big and little endian. That means it can come very close to quickly calculating x86 instructions. With an altivec core...
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    Uh Oh. MS acquiring Connectix...

    The probably won't kill it but the will: a.) Use it as another leverage against apple to sell more copies of Office and this product to keep it alive. In otherwards, blame apple if the product doesn't rake in enough dough. b.) Increase the price by USD $100 c.) Instead of the frequent...
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    IBM and PowerPC 405 linux based PDA's

    There are a slew of Mpeg-4 video players/mp3 players similar if not better than iPod that debuted at CES this year. RCA is entering the game with a nice video player. Apple is going to be getting stiff competition by this summer. That's why I brought it up.
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    IBM and PowerPC 405 linux based PDA's

    The article can be found here: I wonder if Apple is going to jump on this with their devices. Not a PDA persay but PDA-like iPod-like hybrids. Could Apple run the GUI on top of a linux kernel? Could they even do the dirty and get Mach...
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    Chimera programmer feeling way down...

    Chimera was/is still alot more advanced than Safari. It's had time to be refined and added many useful features such as tabs, the ability to remember your form entries in the keychain (which no other browser does). It had superior rendering capabilities. It also had some issues. Javascript...
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    Appleworks 7 (or whatever it may be named)

    Well i think you are completely wrong since this would be repackaging of Opensource projects which has already had years of development. The only thing that would need to be done is the cocoaization of the products which already work under MacOS X using X11. As for the "Pro" version, it would...
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    Article on what Apple may do in 2003

    I would like to add to their predictions with a new Apple TV. Possibly an extension of their current Monitors with the introduction of 32" and 46" Plasma monitors. This move would be Ala gateway and basically have some cool hub features but not be a full Mac. It would be the next step in your...
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    Appleworks 7 (or whatever it may be named)

    I would love to see an Apple branded version of an Open Source project. It could be based on OpenOffice but then that has a built in presentation program as it is. Not sure the interface is the best either. They could also base it on KOffice. Since they are already doing stuff with KDE's...
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    PS2 and Apple

    Bandai and Apple worked on the Pippin. It was a Bandai product though. The idea of Apple making an OS for PS2 doesn't seem like an honest rumor to me and I don't think it would ever happen. Despite that, it would not be that far fetched when you consider Apple tried this in 1994 and was way...
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    AMD and IBM!!! hummm

    It has alot to do with Apple. Don't forget Apple has a stake in two semiconductuor businesses. Though not sure how much their ARM holding are these days but have you not forgotten that they are the "A" in the AIM alliance? They own the rights to PowerPC name just as much as Motorola and IBM...