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    MacBook Pro or Powerbook

    I dont see why everyone is talking about buying PPC's because all the 'pro' apps are made to run natively on them and no the intel macs yet. I dont see whats the problem when MBP's are suppose to emulate apps on it just as fast as the PPC's.
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    Right-click MacBooks — when?

    My mum doesnt know how.
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    Connecting to Airport

    In my flat we recently got an airport that we all use to connect to broadband. Before this i was using wireless internet from using a modem they supply for their service. I was wondering if i can use this modem as a substitute for an airport card somehow?
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    Print - Cant Fix Paper Jam

    I have a HP PSC 1210 All-in-One. A few months ago i got some paper stuck in it, I pulled all the paper out but the printer refuses to appect that theres no paper jam. I have tryed everything i can im sure but I cant talk to printer into beleive theres no paper in it. Anyone got any ideas?
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    My Apple Consumer rights

    Its nice to learn abit more about the motion sensor. And thanks baldprof for reasuring me the upgrades with be worth my money ;)
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    My Apple Consumer rights

    That really is a shame. Thanks for your help
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    My Apple Consumer rights

    Thought i may aswell follow up this thread, plus i have a question too. It ended up being a faulty hard drive, I ended up deciding to choose to upgrade from my 40gb to a 60gb hard drive (all up its going to cost my $450 NZD), i was just wondering if the new hard drive im getting will have the...
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    Bogus PC site

    That super computer has some style, but i wouldnt compair it to a Power mac and the 'mach' 3.8 looks hideous. At the very bottom of each products page (eg. there is a customize and price section which doesnt have any info about...
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    My Apple Consumer rights

    What do you mean by this? Thank you three for your views and comments, i would love to hear from anyone else
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    My Apple Consumer rights

    Last firday i sent my 1G 12 inch PowerBook into the shop to get fixed (when ever it 'thinks' to much it freezes up, so i cant use photoshop (im a designer). Someone on these forums commented that it may be a memory problem Anyway, when i brought this PBook a little under a year ago there was...
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    Really Reliable Powerbook

    The Pbook sat up front while the family sat in the back? Thats classic
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    Apple Announces MacBook Pro

    Im pretty gutted they dont have a 12 inch version. What i like most about powerbooks (apart from the OS, which obviously all macs have) is the size and how thin it is, but theres no point in having a thin lap top when the smallest screen size you can get is 15 inch. Hopefully they will release...
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    Sick Powerbook

    I havent installed any harware on it and i dont have a mouse or keyboard because its just a laptop, should i take it into the shop to get checked out? edit: follow up to my last post, shortly after i posted the thread my pbook frooze up and died but once again this morning its working again.
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    Sick Powerbook

    I have a powerbook running panther and it has run fine up until the other day when i was using photoshop. Everything locked up and i had to shut my pbook down with the power switch, the same thing happened again and then my pbook wouldnt load past the grey apple loading page. I left it over...
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    epson stylus cx1500

    Is there anyway to get a epson stylus cx1500 working on my powerbook running panther. There doesnt seem to be any drivers around that i know of. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated