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    Ip address through multiple routers??

    well airport #1 is connecting to the internet via ethernet. it got its ip via DHCP. Then I believe it assigned it self as an IP. The ip address for my iMac is AirPort #2 is set up just as a bridge (extended range and an extra ethernet port in the living room for the...
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    Ip address through multiple routers??

    Hey ok, I have a tivo in one room and some soft ware in another to connect to it on my mac. but no joy, here is the set up. Internet Airport #1 iMac (with software) Airport #2 (ip address is Linksys Router Tivo...
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    Mac OS X Mailserver

    Alright, this is a bit specific but I think it may help a few people if answered. Heres the situation: I have a domain name that I bought (call it and what I want to do is have my G4 PowerMac get emails directly from the internet sent to user at that domain i.e.