10.1 Distribution, how?


From what I've heard, 10.1 will not be a free update. This is fine. I've also heard it will not be available for download. Recently I've been reading that the update will be announced at the Paris Expo on 9/26. Considering all of this, it seems to me that most of us won't get our hands on this updgrade until sometime around the middle of November.

I just bought an 867mhz G4 and there's no information about updates if I register, etc.

Does anyone know any more about how 10.1 will be distributed (I mean legally :rolleyes: )?


At MWNY Steve said that it will cost $20 Shipping and Handling to get the update CD. So I geuss we have to order it from the Apple Store website. But I got a question: If the $20 is for S&H, then why can't Apple give it out for free at their Apple Stores? Apple won't do this though cuz they won't make any money that way. This just proves that the $20 isn't for S&H. It's goin' in Apple's pocket. You all know that $20 is way too much for S&H. If it was really Shipping and Handling it would be like $4.95
Thanks for the info. I suspect I'll be able to go to the Apple store and pick it up. That would be great. As far as the $20, I don't really care.

I've spent $20 on parking. I've spent $40 paying a parking ticket, more times than I can count. I've spent $20 on a bottle of wine that turned out to be lousy. I've spent $20 on an expensive box of condoms, that I never got to use. I've spent $20 on a tip for a cute, sweet waitress. I've spent $20 on long distance calls to Canada for technical support, without getting the issue resolved. I've spent $20 on dropped cell phone calls. I've spent $20 on a single blank CD-ROM before they became mainstream. I've spent $20 on bad Chinese food. I've spent $20 on a CD and only one song was good. I've spent $20 on one mind altering pill. That was actually worth it. Over the years I've spent thousands of dollars that I have nothing to show for.

$20 to Apple...

It's a rare pleasure to get something worth so much more than my $20 for a change.

Thanks again,
Does the fact that you were ripped off everywhere else justify getting ripped off again? No.

I never payed $20 for 9.1 or 9.2.1 why start now?
O and another thing. judging from all those sweet machines you own (brand new Quicksilver at 867 with 1.25 gigs of RAM. 1.25 GIGS!!! The "17 Inch Studio Display. A TiBook with 768 MEGS OF RAM!! u gotta be kidding. And a sweet Cube!!!!) I'm not surprised you are so quick to have everyone rip you off. Well with all the money you have I guess twenty dollars wouldn't be ripping you off. But I have been using a 400 MHz G4 for 2 and a half years and I had to save up for it forever. So give us regular people a break. Just b/c ur loaded doesn't mean we all should get ripped off.
Wow, that's a good question...


I can't remember the last time i soent exactly $20, but I bought a pair of running shoes for $40 a few weeks ago.
I like OS X. I am happy that I still have a choice and that I am not forced to use Windows becuase there is no other option. For that choice, $20 to help make Apple as profitable as possible, just doesn't seem like a horrible thing to me.

I can understand wanting everything for free, but they have to make money also.

I see your point about 9.1 and 9.2.1, however perhaps Apple feels that OS X 10.1 is a major enhancement, and not just bug fixes.

In any case, cheers.
I heard that you can use the "coupons" that came with OS X retail version (not beta) to get the OS X 10.1 update for free. Anyone else hear this or is the Microsoft influence really starting to show thru (paying for updates to BROKE software. Yes, OS X is broke. You can't play DVD's on the players that came with G4 using your current version of OS X can you ?) ?
The $20 includes the cost of the CD PLUS the shipping!! (I think!;)) I would pay the $20 to "BLOW" Windows 2000 and XP OUT the door!!!! :D
That $20 isn't only shipping and handling, it is a vote as well. We are saying to the world that Apple is worty and this shows as OS sales at the end of the year, where as a free update, I don't think count. I am gladly handing over my $20, and I may just go out and buy the new version for $129, because my vote counts!
Correct me if I am wrong but this is a microsoft pratice to charge for bug and speed improvement fixes. I am not happy to hand over 20 dollars to get the update when the product was not finished in the first place. Why should I pay for something twice? This sounds like the win98 to win98 SE upgrade "bug fix" fiasco that Microsoft intoduced with the exception of the price. Now that I think of it Microsoft did offer the bug fixes without the extra fluff as a download. I would be more than happy to download the update no matter what the size.
If Apple took this sort of approach to letting out products all the time, i wouldn't even think of payimng for 10.1, but this is the first time Apple's ever done this. They need $20 to pay the paeople who worked long into the night getting this thing out the door.

10.0 is not to 10.1 as Win95 is to Win 98:D
I said win98 to win 98 SE (Second Edition). the win98 SE upgade fixed bugs and added a few features over the original win98. This sounds exactly like the 10.0 to 10.1 to me with the exception of the the difference in price. I did not reference win95 although that is an even more extreme example than mine.
We both have the same idea though, both Win98 in my example and Win98SE in your example are examples of builds that corrected the bugs that were already known and shipped with the first version.
I just feel that this is the start of bad things for Apple again. Having to pay for an UPGRADE that FIXES BUGS is not the correct way to approach this. You want my 20 bucks, no problem. I love Apple enough to give them that. But I want more than just bug fixes next time. However, I did read that Apple was incorporating SMB into the 10.1 release. I believe this to be true and that means that you can save $99 by not having to buy DAVE from Thursby Software (?) anymore for FULL Winblows integration into OUR Mac networks (not Windoze networks!). LOL! MAC ON DUDES!:rolleyes:
Apple needs to pay the workers that produced this product on overtime. Its fine one time, we all know its a good enough product to pay for, but if Apple makes a pattern out of this, then ill be worried. Im sure this is just an isolated case.
The really irritating thing is, i really wouldnt mind paying $20 for it, if it werent for the fact that i love int he bloody uk! $20 should end up as being about £13 but knowing Apple UK i will end up Paying £20 -£25 which translated to about $30- $40!!!!!!! Does that seem Fair to you? i think not!!!!! Plus my EVIL parents aint letting me take my beloved iMac to University with me and have bought me a IBM THINKPAD!!!!!! UGH!!!!!! WINDOZE!!!!!!
Someone Swap it for an iBook!
1) Apple is charging for an update to get the features they said we would have months ago. OS X is basically a beta right now and 10.1 is appearing like what should really be the release version. Its the principle of having to pay for something that should be free. If its really just shipping and handling let Mac users around the world mirror the update on ftp sites for people to download.

2) Windows XP is microsofts new consumer version of windows that is based on the windows NT kernel. This is a major step for people using Windows 95,98,ME, all of which are horribly buggy and unstable. Whether you like the interface, or the "experience", or whatever, Windows NT (and 2000, and XP) is a very reliable, and fast OS. XP is currently released as a beta and is faster, as stable, and has all the features working.
PC professionals had to pay to "upgrade" from NT to Win 2000 and now they'll have to pay another $100 to upgrade from Win 2000 to XP. The cost of buying Mac OS X outright is what, $100? and then $20 for the upgrade.

I just don't see how anyone can say that microsoft are fairer about upgrades than Apple.

I've heard that 10.1 will come on 4 CDs. Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.2, Developer tools and some other stuff. Making it downloadable isn't really an option because of the size I guess.

And that's another thing. At least Apple (now) ship development tools with their OS. Microsoft don't. You have to pay a few hundred dollars more if you want to program Windows.

I use Windows 2000 every day and it sucks a big dog's c*%k in my opinion.