10.1 Distribution, how?


I am currently running build g48 and trust me it's worth the 20 bucks.
honestly it's $20.00 not $80.00 or more that MS charges for minor bug fixes.
A Lot of work is going into X. As for 9.1, 9.2 ......... minor fixes are usually free but you DIDN'T! get 8.6 to 9 for free! nor did you get from 8 to 8.5 free! any time major work is done Apple HAS charged for it. There is a long long future ahead of X and NOT EVERy update will be a full CD and require you to pay some sort of handling charge... Apple built the software update system into the OS for a reason but it would be outrageous for most people to download 2 FULL CDs... even on broadband. T1 yes or high end cable/dsl maybe but the world is not completely on high speed yet so this isn't practical. besides would you want to sit and wait for a download slot in amongst the thousands that now run OS X? let alone the slow connection due to all those concurrent downloads??? It's just not practical. Stop whining grow up it's $20.00 even a kid with a good paper route could afford it.



:( I just bought a New Apple MAC Top of the Range machine, and I specifically wanted the Development tools for OS X, Apple didn't give them to me and I asked about this and they made me run around a loop.

Does anyone know if 10.1 will have the Development CD with it?

And yes, I object to spending $20, after I just spent £3800 for this machine.



Emotions aside the following is simple reality

1) Apple would have delivered 10.1 functionality in March if it was possible. Instead they delivered a stable feature inomplete unoptimized version to stop the consumers and press from throwing fits.

2) The twenty dollars is for cost of production, packaging, management, design, and shipping of the CDs. There is a lot of overhead to get that nicely designed package to your doorstep. Apple is probably even taking a hit on the 20 dollars.

3) The 20 is money in Apples pocket. If they do make a profit on this upgrade - you're damn right. They are in business to make a profit and survive.

4) If you have purchased a computer or the OS package then you cannot complain about the upgrade. You could have delayed your purchase until the product was up to your standards. There is always a price to pay for buying version 0 of a product.


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Originally posted by Borias
:( I just bought a New Apple MAC Top of the Range machine, and I specifically wanted the Development tools for OS X, Apple didn't give them to me and I asked about this and they made me run around a loop.

Does anyone know if 10.1 will have the Development CD with it?

And yes, I object to spending $20, after I just spent £3800 for this machine.
Yeah, I just got a quick silver, no developer's cd included either (it was when I origionally purchased Mac OS X 10.0.0). If you want the developer package, you can download it from apple's web site.

Just sign up for an ADC login (its free), and then login and start the download. Well worth the download, extremely usefull.


No, its not petty at all.

I paid for something, with a promise of something, I didn't get what I was promised. However, the MAC is so vastly superior to Windows, that even with this. However as the person above stated, $20 for shipping / handling / packaging is not that bad, considering Microsoft would charge you $50.

It's just the principle.

P.S. I am now broke after spending 3800.. I really couldn't afford it, but it was just so beautiful...


According to the Wall Street Journal:

"...Apple plans to start distributing version 10.1 this month. It will be built into new machines. People who currently use OS X can get the 10.1 upgrade free on CDs that will be available in some stores. For OS X users who want a CD sent via the mail, Apple will charge a handling fee of $19.95. Users of older Mac operating systems who want to upgrade to version 10.1 will be able to buy the new system for $129, the same price as the original version of OS X..."

Guess that answers that.

The author is Walter Mossberg. In the past, Walter has been no big fan of Apple. Lately however he doesn't seem to find enough nice things to say about Apple products.

His current article at www.wsj.com is very factual, not much we didn't know, but at least it is just clean fact based reporting, instead of the typical weenie brained article that uses terms like "Mac Faithful" and "embattled" etc.

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So basically i would have been better off buying OS X right now, then running out and pre-ordering the 10.1. Damn. I wish there was a store near me, well actually, lucky me, i have one near me. Its just not open:D

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It's really too bad that Apple doesn't let anyone else distribute their updates on CDs. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm sure MacAddict and Macworld would love to have on their monthly CD. Their magazines would sell like hotcakes, since even the shelf price for a magazine is less than half of what Apple's asking for. Unfortunately, it's been a long time since MacAddict and Macworld have been allowed to help people that way...


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What can one say....

We will see in a week or so what happens :p
I would prefer to go to an apple store and get it since its closer, rather than mail order it cause it takes a week to get here :(



The reason Apple no longer allows others to distribute it's updates is simple.
  • 1. Distributing themselves allows them exacting #s as to how many upgrade this in turn is used for marketing stats and such.
  • 2. they have complete control of the quality of what you receive... there is always the chance that something on a third party cd could go wrong. MacAddict has had a virus ship on its cd in the past.
  • 3.Apple also tries to keep the method of how to create a bootable cd somewhat a secret... if others where allowed to create installer cds they would need to disclose this info. with OS X it's a little more involved than OS 9 and older.

This shouldn't be such a huge problem... Those that have the bandwidth most likely will be able to download. For those that can't you will have to get a CD the labor and materials in the cd cost money this is what you are paying for. if you don't like it...
  • a. don't buy it!
  • b. go out and pay MORE MONEY for a faster internet connection.
    either way you pay something.



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This "download it f you have the bandwidth" suggestion got me thinking.

There are many people out there that have been getting builds off of carracho or hotline... since 10.1 is free (or so I;ve been lead to believe) is people start hosting it online for download will apple have a problem ? Is it considered piracy ??? I am unclear about that :confused:


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Since Apple like to 'Think different', then why not open up the Hotline and Carracho channels with affiliated official Apple servers, and let us all download the thing, as a network of updates.

I suppose they wouldn't want to associate themselves with such a product as HL and Carracho though.

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Hotline and it's like could be set up just for downloading off of it, like what Ambrosia Software has set up (they might also have it set up for chat, also, I can't remember). I'm mainly pointing it out to say that it's not infeasible, just not likely at all. There is also the problem that the update is free to people who have already purchased OS X., meaning they don't want everyone who wants it to get a free copy.


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For those of you complaining about the $20 S&H charged for OS X 10.1 and that Steve Jobs said it was free, he was standing in front of a screen THAT CLEARLY SAID there was going to be a $19.95 S&H fee. I guess some people take words too literally. :rolleyes:

IMHO, I think a downloadable 10.1 update would be pretty taxing on Apple's servers, if not taking them down entirely :eek: . I highly doubt that they would do this given the size of the update.

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Akamai's server network is designed to handle things like this. I think they had something like 8 Gb (gigabits) or in otherwords 1 GB /sec of streaming QT bandwidth at the 2000 MWSF. Perhaps it wasn't that much, perhaps it was a lot more. I don't remember exactly, but it was a LOT. Apple invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Akamai, let's see it pay off. The load on each Akamai server would not be THAT huge; there are quite a few throughout the US and many more in the rest of the world. They even have a handful in Africa!


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well if 10.1GM is like trying to get a build... there r gonna B problems :p I took a stroll through some carracho servers today. Out of the approx 240 (I think) that carried some version of the pre-release (whether Fxx or Gxx ) only 3 I think had build G59 which I think is the most recent "leaked" version and those had LONG queues and at times they were too busy to even log on not to mention the fact that once downloads started, or u got in queue u get disconnected of caraccho somehow doesnt respond ok :p

oh well :p



Well, I have read all replies to this and have the following to add

1. I do have broadband and download CD images regularly

2. I will probably buy it anyway and spend the $40 or whatever it will be here in Australia just to have the original that I know will boot first time and will come with 9.2 etc. so that I don;t have to bother with finding the self labelled one from a folder of CD's if I ever have toi rebuild the system.

3. While I beleive that Apple should give a choice to legal owners of the OS about whether they want to order or download, I think that it's worht having the manufactured copy

4. I agree with the people who have said that maybe you should wait to purcahse if not happy with the overall package. A freind of mine still runs 9.1 on his G4 TiBook because he does not want the integration and functionality problems that I have subjected myself to by running this first cut of A completely new Apple OS. He does fully intendt to upgrade to 10.1 when it arrives however as it looks as it really will deliver all of the things that he needs.

Thats all folks. Happy 10.1'ing

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