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Is this a new thing? I could've sworn when I first set up my iTools account you had to use your ISP's SMTP server to send mails. If this is a recent change then I'm glad, as it makes it a whole lot easier (and yes, the first thing I did in mail.app was to set my mac.com account up as a standard email account :D )

I think you're right, GFive. I use Earthlink DSL and I have to use smtp.earthlink.net for mine to work. I've been able to get smtp.mac.com to work, but not consistently. The POP server is still mail.mac.com.

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Its pretty standard to allways specify your isp's smtp server instead of the email service's smtp server. Why?

Back in the day, anyone could use anyone's smtp server. But spammers started abusing this, and now most smtp servers will reject you if your ip isn't in the specified range ("...relaying denied...").

So either get sendmail working and just specify
'localhost', or use your isp's smtp server.

Oh, while I"m at it, apple-option-v is cool in mail.app because you can see what its doing.

Ok, now I'm going to read the first 5 pages to see how redundant this post has been ;-)
apple's smtp is pretty special in this way. It has been like this for at least a couple of months and i think longer. they sent out an announcement when it happened. if you check that little box that says something about letting apple send you notices, they do. and they are all helpfull things with info, not sales pitches. ok the announcment of the ipod was pretty much a sales pitch, but other than that...:)
I'm curious why people are using POP. Why not IMAP? mail.mac.com is an IMAP server as well as a POP server. It allows you to leave mail on the server, create new mailboxes on the server and is generally newer and better than POP. Anywho, I use it, it works.

I use pop because any mail left on Apple's system will eventually be deleted or you would run out of room... They will not give you unlimited disk space.
also I back up any important emails. no need for imap.

imap is typically good in a coporate environment where the admins keep track of and backup emails