10.2 Persistent Broadband Connection


I'm supporting a local family with OSX 10.2. Last night I installed BT broadband for them which went very well. I have experience in Windows but am feeling my way in Mac. We are in an isolated area and have no access to professional Mac support.

I have two questions:

1) Their computer has been setup for logon switching (what I would call in XP "fast user switching"). How can I make the broadband connection stay on as users switch?

2) The BT documentation infers that a user must connect with the "Connect to the Internet" applet each time. Can I set the OS to connect to broadband on boot, or at least automate the connection within the Safari browser, such that they don't have to connect as a seperate process?

thanks in advance.

If the broadband is PPPoE, ditch using Internet Connect and simply configure PPPoE in the Network pane of the System Preferences.