10.6 MacBook Pro Restore NO CD!

dr fletch

I'm restoring a 10.6 MacBook Pro but have no CD and have wiped the HD. I have a boot disk but it's incompatible and cannot install the system. Command-R doesn't seem to work

any ideas?


Command-R (booting to a Recovery system partition) does not exist before Lion, and would not do anything on a Mac that has never had Lion or newer installed.
The cheapest way to proceed with a reinstall of Snow Leopard is to purchase the installer DVD direct from Apple. You have to call 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753), and ask for a sales rep, who will sell you a copy, with free shipping to you, for $29. Snow Leopard is no longer available for sale at an Apple Store, or online. You have to call them, and order it over the phone.