1999 iMac needs new video card (i think!


The monitor on my 1999 iMac has been fading out for the past couple of months and just recently nothing shows up at all. I think it just needs a new video card -- are these still available? Do you know where and at how costly it might be?
Thank you for any information!


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From your description, I would think the problem lies with the monitor itself, not the video card.

What leads you to believe that the video card has gone bad, and not the actual CRT itself?


if this is an iMac from 1999 it should be a G3 with probably the slot loading optical drive. If that is the case, this does not have a changable video card in it anyways. These computers are not worth putting any money into at this point since you can get much more powerful G4 computers, such as a dual 533, for very little green. Granted, they still will not be any screaming machine by today's standards, but they would certainly still be a good step up from that G3 imac.