2009 Imac Data Doubler Partition Layout?


Good Evening,

Current Facts:
321.87 GB used on / partition
There is currently only 1 HDD installed in the computer.

Hardware Objectives:
-Replace the 1TB drive as the old one is starting to act odd at times.
-Install the 120GB SSD data doubler kit in the optical drive position.

Software Objectives:
-Install OSX onto the 120GB drive.
-Install applications and documents onto the 1TB drive.

What would be the best way to accomplish this objective given this scenario? IE can I configure this in time machine? I am not sure what specific steps to take to "split" these directories across multiple drives.

TIA for all your tips and advice.


There's several possible directions to go in setting up your drives.
I like the simplest one, which does not need any manual "split" of your larger folders/directories:
Set up your two drives as a fusion drive, as on the newest Macs.

You'll need to be running Mountain Lion to do that...

Thanks for the quick response, that is exactly the type of information I was looking for. After a quick call to OWC they pointed me to this as an alternative approach. This leads me to other questions such as:

Are there performance implications or backup considerations when deciding which way I want to go? IE Does hybrid method perform faster or slower than the OWC method? Also is it easier to backup and restore from a TM backup one way or another?
Any other thoughts/comments/experiences are highly welcomed as I am trying to evaluate which way will be most effective.