2017 Macbook Storage problems


Hi All,

I am having a problem with 'low disk space' on my 2017 MacBook. I have done some initial exploring but cannot get to the root of the problem. My user profile shows that i have used 133.05GB of space however when i expand the folders under my user profile i cannot see any folders using large storage. Please see the attached screen grab.

How do i find out what is using the most space in my user folder? As can be seen most of the sub folders are small and in KB or MB.

Any help would be much appreciated



You are not showing (at least) one folder that is likely the most relevant one, your user Library folder. It's hidden by default.
You can quickly show that by pressing Shift-Command-. (period)
That same key combo toggles ALL hidden files and folders, so you press again to return to normal view.