250GB Hard Drive assistance requested


We have 3 WD 250GB hard drives we just installed in 3 older APS 80GB enclosures. When using 10.4 Disk Utility, all 3 drives will only format as 128GB Drives. Any help is appreciated.


U.S.D.A. Prime
The problem is that the FireWire-to-IDE bridge in those cases is older and does not support 48-bit LBA (large-block addressing). There is no way around it -- 128GB is the maximum that the drive will format to, even if you try to partition it (ex, you can't make two 125GB partitions).

Your only option is to move the drives to enclosures that support 48-bit LBA, which is basically all enclosures that use the Oxford 911 chipset in their bridges. Whether or not the enclosure uses this chipset is almost always specified in the tech specs of the enclosure.